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Transportation Cybersecurity

Resilient transportation security solutions

The transportation industry is fundamental to the continuous operations of our society. Disruption within any segment—air, sea, or land—can impact the entire supply chain within a region or at a global scale. Building cyber resilience into transportation systems is critical for reducing global economic risk.

Secure digital transformation

Industry 4.0 capabilities are at the root of digital transformation efforts to improve customer experience, efficiency, and operations. This includes IIoT, “smart” systems, cloud infrastructure, connected cars, and mobile devices and applications. However, increased reliance on technology also increases cybersecurity risks. Including security in all phases of digital transformation ensures that IIoT and smart devices have protective controls built in. It also helps prevent incidents, including places like vehicle security operations centers. Applications must be secured prior to production and all data must be secured at collection.

The CyberRes Security Operations portfolio and Application Security portfolio are designed to provide protective security controls for IIoT devices, cloud apps, and mobile apps.

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Big data protection with data-centric security

Big data initiatives within the transportation industry require solutions that protect sensitive data and ensure regulatory compliance. Data related to product performance, inefficiencies, reactivity to external situations, and personal information (such as geolocation, biometric data, passwords, financial information, travel habits/routines, passport information, and more) must be dealt with appropriately. It is routinely collected, centralized, and analyzed to provide real-time route optimization, identify design inefficiencies and cost savings, and provide customer insights that drive innovation.

The CyberRes Data Privacy and Protection portfolio and Identity and Access Management portfolio are designed to provide a governance framework, data-centric security, and monitoring controls around data and identities.

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Trusted mobile experiences

Amazing mobile and web experiences that drive customer loyalty are a source of competitive differentiation. Many modes of transportation include mobile interaction options, including text messages and in-app capabilities for automated check-in, ticket purchases, confirmation of bookings, and more. If not properly protected, these enhanced experiences can also increase the risk of cyberattacks and result in the theft of customer information.

The CyberRes Data Privacy and Protection, Application Security, and Identity and Access Management portfolios are designed to provide seamless and secure experiences during all customer interactions.

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