NetIQ API Manager

API Security

Secure and manage APIs of any kind - cloud, SaaS, web-services, micro-services, or IoT.


As the world moves to an API driven eco-system, the demand for securing them grows. As such, you may find yourself struggling to deliver and secure your API interfaces across your business. NetIQ Secure API Manager reduces that complexity with a single solution that allows you to protect and manage APIs of any kind.

Secure and govern your APIs

Be it legacy, web services, cloud or IoT APIs, NetIQ Secure API Manager allows you to apply consistent API security.

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Protections for API authentication attacks

Integrate with your IAM systems through OAuth/OpenID connect verifying identities using Risk-based multifactor authentication to protect your APIs from authentication and Denial of Service attacks.

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API traffic insights

Secure API Manager offers API analytics that provides extensive information on all API activity for your debugging, compliance reporting, forensic investigations, and usage trend analysis.

Single point of administration

Develop, publish, manage and secure your APIs from a single API portal.

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Plugs into NetIQ Access Manager

Secure API Manager allows to extend your Access Management, authentication and security to APIs so that you can establish consistent access policies across your entire environment.

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