The Journey to Enterprise DevOps

Where others offer point solutions within the deployment pipeline, Micro Focus delivers an adaptive, integrated and complete solution across the entire DevOps toolchain.

Every DevOps journey is different. Your software development environment is unique. So, while the path may look straightforward, there may be challenges ahead. With Micro Focus DevOps solutions, you break down silos and banish barriers, which then improves teamwork and enables agility.

You’ll increase efficiencies with process automation, pipeline visibility, and cross-functional communication. Delivery teams move faster, make better decisions, and adapt to change while reducing risk, even where you have a complex landscape of architectures, processes, platforms, and applications.

The DevOps Process — Visualized

Micro Focus DevOps solutions deliver agile and efficient software delivery at enterprise scale.Explore the DevOps Toolchain Infographic below to find out more

Align business needs with application delivery
Micro Focus DevOps Solutions
Micro Focus DevOps solutions help you —
Centrally track and share application requirements

How can I organize customer needs, and align changes to business requirements? I need to consolidate user needs and accurately define requirements for both development and test teams. Keep teams aligned to the project as user requirements evolve.

Capture and communicate customer requirements

Achieve ongoing clarity: Organize customer needs in a range of formats, such as reference documents, emails, and whiteboard session photos. Quickly locate original ideas and concepts throughout the project lifespan, and link to downstream development assets.

Keep test teams in sync with requirements

Help testing teams improve quality by ensuring test criteria is aligned to business requirements. Having direct access to defined requirements in the testing environment gives testers complete clarity.

Quickly assess project impact when requirements change

How can I analyze project schedule and scope change while managing overall risk? As business priorities and customer needs shift, I must understand the potential impact on downstream requirements and inflight delivery work. How do I make informed decisions in a dynamically changing environment?

"We are collaborating with medical practitioners and device manufacturers to visualize, organize and prioritize the requirements that will define the future of device interoperability. For the requirements are the product, and Micro Focus has provided the perfect wrapper."
Clinical Engineer, MD PnP
Manage the increasing complexity of software development projects using modern tools, configuration management and continuous code inspection
Micro Focus DevOps solutions help you —
Maintain visibility and control across software development processes

Control and track feature and code changes across mainframe and distributed development projects. Define the workflow process for visibility and traceability across all software assets.

Version everything

Beyond source code, there is much to manage; images, audio, binary files, modules, manifests, cookbooks, infrastructure definitions, and more. When versioning everything, do not sacrifice immutable commit history for developer flexibility, or place too much trust in developers to ensure security and compliance is addressed at source.

Shift left and continually inspect

Easily combine your favorite code-centric tools into an automated toolchain designed for testing. Provide rapid peer review and feedback to your developers along with aggregated KPI metrics. View quality and release readiness of development deliverables.

Effectively manage popular delivery lifecycles

Increase control of Agile, waterfall and hybrid workflows with traceability across stories, tasks, and source code. Understand schedule change impact when new features are added. Would additional resources increase velocity? Because sprint status is measured in real time, assessing total project health and critical decision planning becomes easier.

Manage application complexity and scale

Derive more value from your mainframe and COBOL systems by modernizing these core business applications, underlying infrastructures and delivery processes.

  • Streamline mainframe COBOL and PL/I development and testing activities using an integrated development environment (IDE) available within Eclipse or Visual Studio.
  • Scale mainframe application development and testing on distributed, virtual or cloud platforms without capacity constraints or added cost.
  • Embrace agile planning, tracking and development practices for COBOL systems while leveraging the benefits of continuous integration.
"Adopting the Micro Focus Enterprise solution has enabled us to boost developer productivity by 20%. This in turn helps us cut time-to-market for new services for customers and business users."
Vice President, Banca Popolare di Sondrio
Shift left and improve quality by embedding unit, functional, and performance tests with issue management and Continuous Delivery workflows
Micro Focus DevOps Solutions
Micro Focus DevOps solutions help you —
Leverage virtual and cloud environments to cost-effectively test at scale

Harness the power of the Cloud for global peak load tests or functional tests across various configurations for web, mobile, and mainframe applications.

Accelerate software testing across web, mobile and enterprise applications

How can I automate testing while maintaining rigorous quality standards? Release cycle times are getting shorter, but more configurations need testing. Continuous integration requires testing teams to work at high velocity and tests to encompass a wide range of user configurations and geographic locations.

Keep pace with delivery and quality standards

Maintain product quality while increasing execution speed. Enable testing teams to create portable and reusable tests along with scalable QA environments to ensure fast delivery of quality applications.

Centralize test automation for desktop, web, mobile, and ERP applications

Tailor your test automation strategy to support your enterprise applications, including desktop, web, mobile and ERP systems like SAP or Oracle Forms. Using a single solution to learn, maintain, and interact dramatically reduces test automation complexity.

Improve collaboration between business and technical stakeholders

Legacy silos must be torn down to improve business agility and software delivery speed. Effective collaboration between business teams, domain experts, testers and developers is crucial to Continuous Delivery success. Use keyword-driving testing, and supported through test management tools to provide the right interface for all stakeholders, enabling everyone to contribute to a unified testing effort.

Manage test configuration complexity across multiple devices, platforms, and software versions

Maintaining application quality is difficult as test teams must ensure functionality and stability across hundreds of different configurations. Use test automation and management solutions that facilitate broad test coverage and increased efficiency to improve quality.

"Using the Micro Focus Silk solution has increased our overall product quality. Issues are caught in development, even before we start testing, and the amount of testing platform coverage, including all our mobile platforms, means that we can shorten the test cycles significantly."
Benjamin Yim
Principal Quality Assurance Engineer, Siemens
Use application release automation to orchestrate software releases and automate deployments
Micro Focus DevOps Solutions
Micro Focus DevOps solutions help you —
Automate everything

‘Everything’ often refers to frequently used and error-prone manual testing and deployment efforts, including the provisioning, cloning, and sharing of production environments. Automating deployment tasks frees up countless hours for higher value activities, such as additional testing and improving security.

Dashboard insight

Gain actionable insight into your development and delivery process at all times, enabling users to understand the status of development iterations, peer code reviews and continuous inspection across all deployment pipelines.

Create, manage and automate the entire deployment pipeline

Reduce cycle times, improve quality, and free up people from performing repetitive, monotonous work by automating your build, test, and deployment processes. Deploy the same way to every environment and have confidence that your software is ready to release.

Application release automation

Software delivery can be slow, complex, and difficult to track. Equally, accelerating release cadence can increase risk. Perhaps improving visibility into the release process and approval gates is needed? Alternatively, automating deployments and release software in a fast, repeatable, and reliable way would resolve development challenges. Improving the quality and delivery speed across a hybrid IT landscape needs a two-pronged approach.

Plan, schedule and coordinate

Plan, track, and control application releases with end-to-end visibility. This provides your stakeholders with actionable insight and faster feedback across the entire deployment pipeline. Coordinating enterprise-scale application releases across geographically distributed organizations, release teams, and multi-target environments improves outcomes.

Automate application deployments across the enterprise

Replacing homegrown scripts with a drag-and-drop, graphical process editor improves visibility of the end-to-end deployment process. Process templates that save and reuse components, processes, and properties will accelerate the setup time of new deployment processes. Automating the application and infrastructure deployment does not always require programming.

"Micro Focus Deployment Automation has provided us with all the benefits that we expected it would, our original business case has been realized, and we now expect to gain further value as we roll it out to the rest of the organization."
Allianz Project Delivery Manager, Allianz
Stay one step ahead of performance issues and spend half as much time remediating issues by monitoring applications in production
Micro Focus DevOps Solutions
Micro Focus DevOps solutions help you —
Simulate user experience and continuously monitor performance

The stakes are high for the global application roll-out. Some evaluate system capacity for expected user load, and closely monitor performance and functionality in production, to ensure customer satisfaction. Simulate the user experience using synthetic, prerecorded business transactions from a dedicated point of presence (POP). Manage application service levels from the user perspective with multiple POPs to measure availability and network latency from any location. Use a performance monitoring solution that measures application health based on three end-user metrics:

  • Availability from any global location.
  • Application response time.
  • Functional integrity.
Know when response times exceed service levels

To reduce error diagnosis and resolution time, systems administrators and DevOps teams must be notified when application response times exceed established service levels. The right performance monitoring solution will identify the cause of performance issues or application failures, and seamlessly integrate with current IT service management and ticketing systems. It will raise an alarm when a transaction fails because response time exceeds the defined threshold, which is automatically sent to system admin/DevOps teams. Because synthetic monitoring does not depend on real-user traffic, it can detect problems before users. This visibility means more time to resolve the issue quickly and proactively.

Incorporate performance testing into your pipeline

Most want to incorporate performance testing into a continuous delivery pipeline, but find creating multiple scripts for pre-production and production tests overly time consuming. So accelerate production testing, and maintain consistency, by reusing assets within pre-production load and functional tests. Test automation and management technology can be integrated together and utilized for production monitoring.

"For an urgent customer request, we can implement, test, and release a feature the same day using the Micro Focus Silk solution. When we commit the code we trigger the testing process and watch the results dashboard in real-time. This gives us confidence that we are delivering quality code to our customers."
Software Developer, Convergent Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.
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