What is Backup Software?

Backup software enables the creation of supplementary exact copies of computer files, folders, documents, databases or entire computers that can be used to restore the original data in the event of data loss due to human errors, system failures, or natural disasters.

Why backup matters? (now more than ever)

In an ever-growing digitally-dependent world, where information rules above all else, effectively managing and safeguarding the data, locating it quickly, and determining how best to exploit it is the key to business vitality. As the speed, variety and complexity of data continue to accelerate, so do the risks of not being able to timely restore critical systems and applications in cases of disasters or data loss. The problem is that many organization are still using old technologies to protect today’s digital assets that are vital to their business. The biggest challenge with traditional backup software solutions is that they are not architected for today’s dynamic and elastic IT environments; relying on them can impact the enterprise’s ability to meet business needs, stay agile and manage risk.

Data protection solution

Micro Focus Data Protector solution suite enables an intelligent backup software solution that addresses the challenges of complexity, cost and recoverability by providing comprehensive data protection, real-time analytics and guided optimization. The benefits of intelligent backup software are:

  • Advanced analytics to gain better business insight and value
  • Comprehensive protection across heterogeneous environments, applications and media
  • Advanced engineering integrations across software and storage systems
  • Flexible recovery options to meet strict recovery and service level expectations
  • Advanced deduplication to optimize backup storage infrastructure and reduce cost
  • Automated policy-based protection for virtual environments to reduce exposure to data loss and improve IT resiliency
  • Zero Downtime Backup snapshot protection to easily meet shrinking backup window demands
  • Tiered recovery architecture optimizes the overall cost of backup
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