What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning refers to the process by which computers develop pattern recognition, or the ability to continuously learn from and make predictions based on data, then make adjustments without being specifically programmed to do so. A form of artificial intelligence, machine learning effectively automates the process of analytical model building and allows machines to adapt to new scenarios independently.

Why machine learning?

Whether or not you’re excited by the idea that artificial neural networks may one day grow sophisticated enough to replicate human consciousness, there are undeniable practical advantages to machine learning, namely:

  • Intelligent big data management – The sheer volume and variety of data being generated as humans and other environmental forces interact with technology would be impossible to process and draw insights from without the speed and sophistication of machine learning.
  • Smart devices – From wearable devices that track health and fitness goals, to self-driving cars, to "smart cities" with infrastructure that can automatically reduce wasted time and energy, the Internet of Things (IoT) holds great promise, and machine learning can help make sense of this significant increase in data.
  • Rich consumer experiences – Machine learning enables search engines, web apps, and other technology to customize results and recommendations to match user preferences, creating delightfully personalized experiences for consumers.

Machine learning solutions

Micro Focus offers a variety of solutions related to machine learning and big data, including:

  • Vertica – Quickly analyze large volumes of semi-structured and structured data with in-database Machine Learning and the most advanced SQL database analytics available.
  • Micro Focus IDOL – Get advanced search and data analytics for unstructured data with machine learning that allows you to analyze almost any file type from any source.
  • Micro Focus SIEM – Improve your security by dramatically cutting the time it takes to detect and respond to threats.

Machine learning events

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