Buying Programs

Options for Existing CLA Customers

We no longer offer the Corporate License Agreement (CLA) program. Existing CLA customers may choose to 1) remain on their current CLA program and place orders under the non-contractual transaction based Volume License Agreement (VLA) program, or 2) qualifying customers may move to the Master License Agreement (MLA) program.

Two Options for Existing CLA Customers

For your convenience, a simple comparison table of the VLA and MLA programs is available to help you choose which program best fits your needs. This table is located on the buying programs home page under the "Business" category. A brief overview of each program, as well as the associated program guide books are also provided below.

Option One: Remain on the CLA Program. As a CLA customer, you may continue to make purchases using existing VLA program rules. You have access to all of the benefits available through the VLA program, including the new options outlined here. No contract or signature is required for this move; you simply order using VLA part numbers. As always, resellers determine final pricing for all customers in the VLA program. Under the VLA program you may continue to use your current reseller for your orders, or you may select a new reseller. To learn more about the VLA program, please review the VLA Program Guide. Learn about the VLA now.

Option Two: Move to the MLA Program. You may also choose to move to the MLA program. By moving to the MLA, you continue with a contractual relationship with us. To learn more about the MLA program and the buy-in requirements, please review the MLA Program Guide. Learn about the MLA now.