ConnectALL’s Value Stream Integration Platform is a paid commercial offering. Please visit us at for pricing and to start an evaluation.

Integrate best-of-breed tools in your value stream with ConnectALL's enterprise-class Value Stream Integration Platform. With built-in vendor adapters and a patent-pending Universal Adapter, ConnectALL allows you to see, measure and automate your software delivery value streams for improved collaboration and increased agility, velocity, and predictability.

ConnectALL’s integration for Micro Focus ALM Octane lets you manage your software development and delivery value stream. Every team can work in their application of choice and collaborate effortlessly. Integrating Micro Focus ALM Octane with defect and issue tracking, QA, and operations systems, such as support desk, helps in streamlining business and development goals, and accelerating the speed of product delivery. All information related to quality management flow bi-directionally between systems – providing end-to-end traceability in software development.

Example Integration Use Case: Micro Focus ALM Octane<->Azure DevOps: By integrating Micro Focus ALM Octane with Azure DevOps, teams can cut down on manual efforts, use automated quality checks, and even trigger builds based on defined conditions. For example, the QA team can plan to run specific regression suites after an issue completion. So, when the issue is marked as complete in the QA tool, the execution of the corresponding regression suite is triggered in Azure DevOps.

Commonly synchronized artifacts
Micro Focus ALM Octane - requirements, tests, defects, test configurations, test cases, test plans, issues Azure DevOps - commit information, build

Connect Micro Focus ALM Octane with any tool in your software delivery value stream with ConnectALL’s Universal Adapter.

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ConnectALL Integration Adapter for Micro Focus ALM Octane 2.10
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Oct 25, 2016
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Product compatibility
Version 12.53 · 12.55 · 12.60
Version 14.00
Version 15.00.0 · 15.01.0 · 15.50 · 15.51
Version 16.0 · 16.01
Version 17.0.0 · 17.01
Version 24.1
Release notes

ConnectALL’s Value Stream Integration Platform allows you to set up a bi-directional sync between Micro Focus ALM Octane and other DevOps tools to effectively manage quality, defects, requirements, and test management.

It supports integration with Atlassian Jira Software, Rally Software, Azure DevOps, IBM Rational DOORS, DOORS NG, ServiceNow, and many other tools in the software delivery value stream. Learn more about the ConnectALL Micro Focus ALM Octane adapter.

Want to see ConnectALL in action? Request a free demo.

Want even more information? See our Release Notes.


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