HP Quality Center and LiveCompare

Reduce testing by 85% and ensure zero SAP application defects.

Change is the one constant in the SAP application lifecycle. Given the complexity of SAP systems, it is difficult to know what to test when introducing change. Identifying the right test assets to use and finding the gaps in test coverage only compound the problem and lead to low quality and high cost. The integration of LiveCompare with the HPE Quality Center (HPE QC) provides organizations running SAP systems a unique solution for managing and testing change.



Solution benefits

LiveCompare will:

• Reduce the number of things you need to test

• Tell you what test assets to run and where the gaps are

• Maintain the health of automated test assets

• Improve reliability, reusability, and quality of tests

• Enable agile, risk-based testing practices


How the integration works

LiveCompare includes pre-built workflows designed to perform analysis tasks. When we introduce change into SAP, LiveCompare identifies the most at risk transactions to test. Next, LiveCompare scans the HPE QC repository identifying which test assets to use to verify the operation of the at risk transactions. LiveCompare also highlights the gaps in test coverage. Finally, LiveCompare creates a test lab containing the matched test assets.


Integration highlights

Unique integration for managing and testing change between HPE QC and SAP

Easy to use, easy to set up, and requires minimal training

Automated impact analysis and test asset discovery

Highlight gaps in test assets

Create test labs based on identified test asset



For more information

For more on LiveCompare, please visit:


You can also contact us at:


USA: 408.454.3500


UK: +44 1454 454100

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LiveCompare 3.5
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Jun 1, 2016
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Product compatibility
Version 10.0
Version 11.0 · 11.51 · 11.52 · 11.50 · 11.53 · 11.52.2
Version 12.0 · 12.1 · 12.2 · 12.5 · 12.20 · 12.50 · 12.21 · 12.53 · 12.55 · 12.60
Release notes

LiveCompare analyzes all SAP application changes and identifies impacted business functions(transactions and programs). LiveCompare further reduces the analysis to only the most at-risk functions needing testing. Next, LiveCompare scans the HPE Quality Center repository identifying which tests to use to verify the operation of the at-risk functions, and where there are gaps in test coverage. Finally, LiveCompare creates a test lab containing the matched tests.



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