Open Enterprise Server provides a secure platform for file and print based collaboration. It also bundles eDirectory and Domain Services for Windows for identity and workstation management as well as works with Active Directory and Azure Active Directory in certain scenarios.

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Open Enterprise Server 2023 Public Beta
Sep 28, 2022
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Version 2023.0
Release notes

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We are making three key shifts with Open Enterprise Server 2023:

Platform Update

Open Enterprise Server 2023 is built on the more robust SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP4 for improved stability, reliability, and interoperability. SLES 15 brings in several technological innovations like unified installer, advanced security, system roles, and more. To learn more, read SLES 15 SP4 release notes. Also included in this release is the latest eDirectory 9.2.7.


Unified Management Console (UMC)
Unified Management Console is a highly responsive web management tool for managing OES servers:

  • Highly responsive UI/UX Designed by the experts and built on modern technology stack for ease of deployment and debug-ability. Includes support for localization and accessibility
  • Simplified management End-to-end workflows allows for starting a task and finishing it within the same tool, unlike OES 2018 where you need multiple tools to achieve a task. It also supports managing multiple servers simultaneously. The clearly laid out dashboard provides insights for better storage management
  • Secure platform Access to the tool is protected with OAuth2 authentication and in future with multi-factor authentication
  • Hybrid management Manage storage services backed by eDirectory or Active Directory from single tool
  • REST-based core service Centralized REST server provides functions required by UMC and the same is available to all for building custom tools

iPrint Printer Driver and Profile Management Tool
iPrint Client for Windows now support driver and profile management. It require admin privilege to perform drivers and profile management and works with both iPrint Advanced on Open Enterprise Server and iPrint Appliance.


Key security imporvements in this release include:

TLS 1.3, LDAPs, and HTTPS
TLS 1.3, LDAPs, and HTTPS are enabled by default on all applicable interfaces on Open Enterprise Server 2023. Please note that eDirectory 9.2.7 will only support up to TLS 1.2.

SMB Encryption
Open Enterprise Server now supports AES-256-GCM and AES-256-CCM in addition to the AES-128-CCM and AES-128-GCM cryptographic suites for SMB encryption.

SMB pre-authentication integrity
With added support for SMB 3.1.1, Open Enterprise Server 2023 can now detect and prevent intercepting attacks that attempt to downgrade the client-server negotiated protocol or the capabilities.

Other Key Features

SMB Compression
SMB compression in this release allow client and server to compress files before sending them over the network to optimize bandwidth consumption and response time.

SMB Multichannel
SMB Multichannel enable server and client to establish more than one communication channel simultaneously for better fault tolerance and throughput.

Long path support in Client for OES
In this release, the hard-wired path limits in the Client for OES are removed to allow for managing deep nested files beyond 256-characters.

Cloud Integrated Storage (CIS)
CIS allows for effective management of storage by offloading unused or less frequently accessed data to the cloud. End users’ access to the data is location transparent. In this release, the CIS deployment now supports extending nodes in infrastructure cluster for improved disaster recovery and horizontal scaling. A new algorithm has been employed in the recall agent for improved download performance with large or large number of small files.

Thin provisioning with vSAN storage
Open Enterprise Server 2023 is certified with support for thin provisioning on vSAN virtualized storage. Thin provisioning allows for accurate reporting of storage utilization to help you better plan your storage requirements.


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