PMO View is project analytics dashboard that integrates with HP PPM and Excel.  This unique solution delivers dozens of pre-developed reports through a consolidated information universe available anywhere, anytime. With project roadmaps, custom scorecards, status reports, budget and project metrics, you can make better decisions to deliver your project successfully.

PMO View is highly customizable, so you can create and configure reporting to fit your company’s needs with our unparalleled integration capabilities and visualization library. Take those static Excel spreadsheets and turn them into interactive graphs and widgets with our Excel integration. Enjoy real-time updates into project health, status updates, budget constraints, and resource availability with our HP PPM integration.  Change your view about projects with PMO View today with our free trial.

Key Features

  • Filter and monitor project roadmaps in a single view
  • Easily share status reports with a single click
  • Create custom scorecards for executives
  • Integrates with HP PPM and Excel
  • Effectively manage demand and resources with business data visualizations
  • Implement using SaaS or On-Premise delivery methods
  • Optimize performance with simplified data model design

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PPM Analytics Dashboard 1.0
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May 18, 2015
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Product compatibility
Version 6.0
Version 7.0 · 7.1 · 7.5
Version 8.0
Version 9.10 · 9.12 · 9.14 · 9.21 · 9.22 · 9.30 · 9.31 · 9.32 · 9.40 · 9.41 · 9.42 · 9.50 · 9.51 · 9.52 · 9.53 · 9.54 · 9.55 · 9.60 · 9.61 · 9.62 · 9.63 · 9.64 · 9.65 · 9.66
Version 10.0 · 10.01 · 10.02 · 10.03 · 10.04
Version 2023.0
Release notes

PPM Analytics Dashboard

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