This Connector allows you to connect to Microsoft Windows event sources using the WMI protocol and collect generated events.

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Windows Event (WMI) 2020.1r1 Beta
2.9 MB
Jan 1, 2021
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Product compatibility
Version 8.4 · 8.5
Release notes


Mar 2020:

  • WECS destroys connection when there's network interruption and is unable to reconnect (Bug# 1133426)

Oct 2018:

  • The WMI Connector is fixed to collect the events from the hosts where the name of the host is morethan 15 characters (Bug# 1109015).
  • The SentinelProcessingTime and ObserverEventTime populates with the correct Date and Time values (Bug# 1093538).

Windows Event (WMI) 2018.1r1
3.2 MB
Dec 23, 2020
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Product compatibility
Version 8.4 · 8.5
Release notes


New Certified Platform

  • WECS is now certified on Windows Server 2016 64-bit platform.

Software Fixes

Sentinel Does Not Receive Events After Windows Update on an Event Source

Issue: After the Windows update on an Event Source, WECS stops sending events to Sentinel until you restart the Event Source in Sentinel Control Centre. After the Windows update, sometimes the Event Source may not be responsive and WECS keeps trying to communicate with the event source. (Bug 1035423)

Fix: WECS now attempts to connect to the event source for the specified number of times. If the event source is still not responsive, WECS disconnects the existing connection to the event source and creates a new connection. You can specify the number of times WECS should attempt to connect to the event source by configuring the noOfRetry parameter in the eventManagement.config file. For more information, see “Configuration Options” on page 52.

The WECS Agent Does Not Communicate if TLSv1.0 is Disabled

In non-FIPS mode, the WECS Agent now communicates seamlessly if TLSv1.0 is disabled. Therefore, it works with TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2. (Bug 937554)

To ensure communication in FIPS mode, follow the workaround mentioned in section Communication Issues Between the Connector and WECS When Sentinel in FIPS Mode in the Known Issues section.


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