The Brute Force Attack use case uncovers and tracks, attempts, and confirmed attacks using a brute force technique on network assets and applications. This use case tracks the following user stories :

  • Successful Brute Force Attack
  • Attempted Brute Force Attack
  • A source Targeting Destinations
  • Exploit Attempts of User Accounts by Sources
  • Failed Login Counts by Days
  • Failed Login Counts by Weeks
  • Failed Login Counts by Destinations
  • Failed Login Counts by Sources
  • Failed Login Counts by User Accounts
  • Failed Login Statistics by a Destination
  • Failed Login Statistics by a Source
  • Failed Login Statistics by a User Account

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Aug 24, 2018
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Product compatibility
Version 5.5
Version 6.0 · 6.1 · 6.2 · 6.3 · 6.4 · 6.5 · 6.6
Release notes

Rebranding from HPE to Microfocus


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