This Novell Sentinel Connector allows you to get event records from files. Sentinel must be installed and operational before attempting to use this Connector. For further information, refer to the helpfile included in the plug-in.

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File 2023.1r1
2.7 MB
Aug 11, 2023
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Product compatibility
Version 8.6
Release notes

updated version with OT rebranding

File 2022.1r1-Beta
2.4 MB
Nov 23, 2022
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Product compatibility
Version 8.4 · 8.5 · 8.6
Release notes


Issue: File Connector Should Support SMB Connections To The Root SMB Share Directory.
Fix: File Connector is fixed to support SMB connection to the root directory.

File 2021.1r1
2.6 MB
Jun 9, 2021
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Product compatibility
Version 8.4 · 8.5 · 8.6
Release notes

Revision: 2021.1r1

May 2021

What’s New?

  • The Connector now reads files from SMB v2 file sharing protocol. To read files from this protocol, select SMB in the Add Event Source window. For more information, see “Adding Event Sources” on page 12.

Software Fixes

This version of the Connector includes the following software fixes:

  • The Connector now releases file handles after reading files, resulting in optimal usage of system resources.
  • The Connector no longer displays the “IllegalArgumentException” exception when processing rotating files with the same timestamp.
  • When there is a delimiter at the beginning of the message, the Connector no longer sends the same messages in a loop to Sentinel.
  • The Connector now reads UTF-16LE encoded files properly, the characters do not get garbled in the output data sent to the Collector.
  • When the Connector is configured to read data from rotating files, it now reads data from a newer file even if the newer file has the same modification timestamp as the older file.
  • The Connector does not take a longer time to read when there are too many files in the source directory.
  • The Connector no longer displays the “A device attached to the system is not functioning” exception and continues to work as expected.
  • When the Connector reads files from a CIFS share, the fully qualified domain name of the Collector Manager machine is now presented to the CIFS server instead of a random hostname.
  • The Connector now skips zero byte files and reads only files that contain data.
  • The Edit Saved Offset button is now displayed without truncation in localized versions of File Connector.
  • You can now save the configurations in the Event Source Settings dialog box without an error.
  • When Connector is reading rotating files and a new file with a higher modification timestamp is available, the Connector completes reading the current file and then reads the new file.
  • The Connector can process files that contain only one record, and does not contain a delimiter.
  • The Connector no longer displays the error JSchException: Algorithm negotiation failed.
  • File connector does not display the following error: A device attached to the system is not functioning.
  • Connector now displays the complete offset file path in the Edit Saved Offset dialog box.
  • The Collector does not stop abruptly after file rotation and continues as expected.
  • When the File encoding format is UTF 16, the Connector now processes files as expected.
  • The Connector now calculates offsets correctly. When the source file contains double-byte characters, the Connector no longer reads the same file over and over again in a loop.
  • The Connector reports the file size as zero for files being written and also logs the No qualified rotating files found in the directory exception. To fix this issue,

perform the following steps on the Collector Manager in which the File Connector is deployed:

1. Log in as novell user.

2. Open the /etc/opt/novell/sentinel/config/ file.

3. At the end of the file, add the property file.connector.refreshBeforeRead=true.

4. Restart Sentinel services.

5. Upgrade the File Connector version 2018.1r1 or later.

  • The Connector displays the file size as 0 for rotating files in SMBv2 although the files contain data. To fix this issue, perform the following steps on the Collector Manager in which the File Connector is deployed:

1. Log in as novell user.

2. Open the /etc/opt/novell/sentinel/config/ file.

3. Add the following property:


4. Save the file.

5. Restart Sentinel.

  • When two rotating files have exactly the same modification time stamp, the file connector can read both the files now.
  • File Connector now follows offset while monitoring DHCP logs on SMBv2 share even after the connection issue between the Sentinel and the event source.
  • The file connector will now allow change settings without resetting offset.
  • The file connector will not generate duplicate events after CM is rebooted.
  • The CIFS log source will now close file handles properly.
  • File connector will not throw now No qualified rotating files found exception.

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