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SDK 2019.1r1
272.6 MB
Dec 29, 2020
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Product compatibility
Version 8.4 · 8.5 · 8.6
Release notes
  • What's New
    • Significant improvements in Collector event processing throughput
    • Collector performance benchmarking
    • Standalone Collector debugging
    • Collector JavaScript engine upgrade
    • HTML Plug-in documentation for Collectors
    • API changes
      • New
      • Undocumented
      • Modified
      • Deprecated
      • Removed
    • Data Feed plug-ins
    • Build time-stamps included in Plug-in build artifacts
  • Software Fixes
    • Unable to create a connection to Sentinel for editing Reports and Solution Packs. (Bug 842566)
    • 'KeyMap' refresh causes Collectors to go into high CPU utilization. (Bug 892523)
    • 'Universal Syslog Map' mode in Collectors prevents them from starting. (Bug 769343, Bug 850340)
    • Extending 'DataMap' corrupts existing map entries. (Bug 803285)
    • Collector logs error messages of level 'SEVERE' while loading privlevel and datasensitivity maps. (Bug 815668)
    • Collector does not always set event timezone. (Bug 786972)
    • Editing Reports using higher versions of iReport Designer. (Bug 764779)
    • 'Distinguished Name' parsing in Collectors. (Bug 875817)
    • Collector crashes at run-time due to incorrect taxonomy customizations. (Bug 560590)
    • Documentation lacks proper taxonomy search query usage examples. (Bug 794615)
    • Removed minification of Collector JavaScript code. (Bug 764244)
    • JavaScript API docs packaged within Plug-in SDK. (Bug 607515)
    • Discontinue storage of event meta-tag 'ObserverTimeString'. (Bug 708346)
    • Ant target 'Extract Jasper Parameters' removed from Reports. (Bug 700260)
    • Performance improvements in 'naudit.js'. (Bug 764212)
    • Collector Debugging does not work on Mac (Bug 854842)
    • 'Sqlquery.prototype.setOffset()' sends 'undefined' EventSourceID values on restarting database event source. Bug 736129)
    • Default event severity not set by Collector template. (Bug 786980)
    • Numerical meta-tag values directly added to an 'Event' object are dropped by Collector template. (Bug 805925)
    • Editing a Solution Pack may end up corrupting the plug-in source. (Bug 800397)
    • New plug-in property to set list of supported platforms. (Bug 830289)
    • Support for multi-tenancy in Reports. (Bug 888553)
    • iReport Designer classpath entries get corrupted after editing a Report multiple times. (Bug 884317)
    • Unsupported 'AUDIT' events. (Bug 765601)

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