The eDirectory Administration course is designed to help eDirectory administrators become familiar with and proficient in most aspects of eDirectory that are necessary to manage an eDirectory implementation such as directory design concepts, database structure, management tools, data access, and synchronization concepts. As a review, a course appendix is provided that covers fundamental eDirectory concepts such as installation, object administration, directory rights, and partitions and replicas.

Audience Summary:

The audience for the eDirectory Administration includes newly-assigned eDirectory system administrators, training partners, technical-support staff, and network integrators.

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Course outline

Course Outline:

eDirectory Administration
eDirectory Evolution

Design eDirectory for Large-Scale NOS Environments
Design eDirectory for eBusiness
Design eDirectory for Identity Vaults
Leveraging eDirectory

eDirectory Architecture

eDirectory Origins - the X.500 Standard
The eDirectory Database Engine
Database Structure

Partition Records
Entry Records
Value Records
Record Relationships

eDirectory Partitions

System Partitions
User Defined Partitions

eDirectory Management


iMonitor Architecture
iMonitor Modes of Operation
iMonitor Configuration Files
iMonitor Navigation
Advanced iMonitor Features
iMonitor Reporting


Role Based Services
iManager Plug-in Support
The Plug-in Studio
Customizing the iManager Interface

The eDirectory Management Toolbox

eMBox Tools
The eMBox Command Line Client
The eMBox Graphical Interface
eMBox access through iManager
eDirectory Backup

Linux and UNIX Commands

eDirectory Access

LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF)
The Import Convert Export Utility (ICE)

eDirectory Background Processes

Replica Synchronization
Database Initialization
Limber Process
Schema Synchronization
Backlinker Process
Obituary Process
Janitor Process
Purger Process
Flat Cleaner Process

eDirectory Customization

eDirectory Cache Tuning
Schema Auxiliary Classes
Encrypted Replication
Encrypting Attributes
Multiple Instance Install

eDirectory Troubleshooting

eDirectory Health Checks

DSTRACE Concepts
Platform-Specific DSTRACE Usage
DSTRACE using iMonitor
Using DSTRACE Effectively

APPENDIX - eDirectory Fundamentals

Install eDirectory
Administer Objects in the eDirectory Tree
Configure eDirectory Rights
Create and Manage Partitions with iManager

Upon completion of the course, the student should feel comfortable with eDirectory as an enterprise-wide directory database. The student should be able to manage eDirectory objects and understand how to access directory data through native protocols and through Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). The student will know how to utilize basic troubleshooting procedures and how to monitor and repair eDirectory processes and data.


Students taking the course should be familiar with the basics of Linux and Windows server navigation and management. Understanding directory database concepts such as trees, containers, leaf objects and partitions will be a big plus for students. Networking and VMware skills are also useful.


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