The solution consists of two scripts that can be integrated in the file system and IDB backups of the Cell Manager. The purpose is to run the file system backup of the Cell Manager before the IDB backup and create the Recovery Media (ISO) at the end of the process. The result will be an EADR image that can be used to recover the entire Cell Manager offline including the IDB to the latest point in time. The backup data is read from the backup device in the process.

Minimum Requirements

General Requirements

  • Windows or Linux Cell Manager supported for Automatic Disaster Recovery (AutoDR)
    See Data Protector Disaster Recovery Support Matrix on for details
  • AutoDR component must be installed on the Cell Manager
  • Configure a file system backup for the Cell Manager, enable Copy Recovery Set to Disk option
    • Include the /CONFIGURATION object and critical file systems
      . You may schedule this backup spec.
    • Use the Detect NTFS hardlinks option in the file system backup (Windows Cell Manager only).
  • Configure an IDB backup for the Cell Manager
    • Do NOT schedule the IDB backup spec. It will be executed by the Cell Manager File system backup.

Windows Cell Manager Requirements

  • Place EADR_CM_FS.cmd and EADR_CM_IDB.cmd in %DP_HOME_DIR%\bin
  • WAIK or ADK version for the running Windows OS must be installed:
    • Windows Server 2008 Windows Server 2008 R2: WAIK
    • Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2: ADK 1.1
    • Windows 10, Windows Server 2016: ADK 1703
    • Windows 10, Windows Server 2019: ADK 1809 (Windows PE and ADK shipped in a separate download)

Linux Cell Manager Requirements

  • Place and in /opt/omni/lbin
  • Packages to create an ISO image must be installed:
    • RHEL/OL/CentOS: squashfs-tools
    • SLES: squashfs

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Cell Manager EADR 1.6
10.5 KB
Feb 15, 2021
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Product compatibility
Version 10.00
Version 2019.02 · 2019.05 · 2019.08 · 2019.12
Version 2018.11
Version 2020.05 · 2020.08 · 2020.11
Version 2021.02
Version 11.00
Release notes

Resolved an issue creating the ISO image if other than C locales where used on the Linux Cell Manager.


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