The scripts provided within this package offer an automatic alternative to the manual creation of YAML files which are required during the upgrade of either CDF or OpsBridge Suite.

Different versions of CDF/OpsBridge require different scripts, so it is important to select the release version below based on the version of CDF/OpsBridge which you are upgrading to.

  • Reconfigure CDF Package
    • This tool automates the process of creating a cdf-values.yaml for the 2021.05 Upgrade step called “Reconfigure CDF". The actual step it replaces is the step called "Create a cdf-values.yaml file” within the "Reconfigure CDF" in the documentation. This script is only required when upgrading from 2020.10 Patch 2 to 2021.05.
  • Update the values.yaml Package
    • This script will takes the values.yaml file created by the command "helm get values <deployment> -n <namespace>" create a new values.yaml which can be used in the upgrade of containerized OpsBridge. The tool automates the step “Update the values.yaml” as seen in the 2021.05 and 2021.08 documentation of OpsBridge. Please select the correct release options below.

The scripts can be used independently from one another and can be used to create the YAML files used during an upgrade or used as a confirmation tool to check the YAML files created manually are correct.

Note: The scripts are provided to help create the yaml file(s) however it is recommended that the YAML files be carefully examined to make sure the content is as expected before contiuing with the upgrade.

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Containerized OpsBridge Upgrade Helper Scripts 2021.11.1.0
11.2 KB
Aug 11, 2022
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Product compatibility
Release notes

Initial releasee of helper tool, for upgrades from 2021.08 to 2021.11.

Containerized OpsBridge Upgrade Helper Scripts 2021.08.1.3
10.7 KB
Apr 19, 2022
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Product compatibility
Release notes

v1.2 to 1.3 changes

  • Added default values for tags.reporting, tags.automaticEventCorrelation, tags.stakeholderDashboard, tags.obm and acceptEula if they are missing from 2021.05 helm values.

v1.0 to 1.2 changes

  • Updated readme Added default values for embedded OBM databases (mgmt, event and rtsm) even if external OBM is being used to avoid invalid yaml.
  • Added default values for zookeeper-data, ledgers and journal names to avoid invalid yaml if they are missing from 2021.05 data.
Containerized OpsBridge Upgrade Helper Scripts 2021.05.1.4
15.0 KB
Feb 15, 2022
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Product compatibility
Release notes

Modified the script from the 2020.10P2-reconfigureCDF-Upgrade-tool to explain that the script only completes one step from the 'Reconfigure CDF' documentation page called "Create a cdf-values.yaml file" and mentioned in the disclaimer that the additional steps from the page need to be completed manually.

Modified the questions from the script to refer to the *new* database so as to make it clear that it is new IDM database (cdfidmdb) which is being referred to and not the existing IDM database (idm).


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