No matter where you are on your Operations Management journey, Intact will meet you there. By gaining a complete understanding of your environment, Intact will help you build the most efficient path from where you are today to delivering your business outcomes. As an Intact customer, you will receive:

  • Health Check: Provide a holistic analysis of your environment today and provide recommendations to maximize its value.
  • Outcome-Based Strategic Plan: Design a Operations Management approach that works for your business including data ingestion, architecture, the onboarding of new capabilities and features, and clear and measurable business outcomes.
  • Upgrade Your Way: Move forward with confidence knowing that detailed planning has been performed and all potential risks to the business have been identified and accounted for
  • Enablement: Ensure your users know how to utilize your system effectively, and know how the newest features and capabilities will provide additional value to your business.
  • Outcomes: Achieve your goals and deliver meaningful outcomes.

Continuous Value Delivery Post-Implementation: Our next-gen managed service ONPOINT goes beyond managing your existing software and keeping the lights on to rapidly deploy new operational capabilities and deliver real results. With over 90% customer retention, ONPOINT has helped customers lower their operational costs, reduce their risk, and increase the value of their software, all at a fixed cost, in record time, and with zero risk. When you're ready to get the most value out of your OM investment, we're ready to help.

Migration from OML/OMW to OpsBridge:

  • Proven methodology with numerous conversions completed
  • Support during license conversion activities with Micro Focus
  • Operations process improvements through new OpsBridge capabilities
  • Side by Side deployment with minimal impact
  • Policy conversion and consolidation
  • Agent updates/refresh and alignment with new management tier
  • Development of Monitoring Automation strategy
  • Migration of Micro Focus and/or 3rd party integrations to OpsBridge
  • Development of TBEC/SBEC correlation rules
  • Operator and Admin enablement on new processes and solution capabilities
  • Marketing and communication plan to expand solution footprint and drive additional value
  • Customers references upon request

Schedule a Demo session and let us show you how OpsBridge can dramatically modernize your operations!

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OML/OMW Migration to OpsBridge 1.0
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Jul 21, 2020
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Product compatibility
Version 9.0
Version 1.0
Version 2019.02 · 2019.05 · 2019.08 · 2019.11
Version 2020.05 · 2020.10
Version 2021.05 · 2021.11
Version 2022.05 · 2022.11
Version 2023.05
Release notes

Intact has successfully performed this migration for numerous customers. Intact's unique methodology and approach ensures consistent results that align to your desired business outcomes.

  • Migration of OML or OMW to OpsBridge (OML/OMW end of life)
  • Agent migration and conversion of all existing policies
  • Provide additional value to the business with the new features and capabilities of OpsBridge
  • Leverage Intact's Proven Methodology


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