The NiCE DB2 smart Management Pack (DB2 sMP) gives you one integration point between Micro Focus Operations Bridge Manager (OBM)and your IBM DB2 servers. The integration withOBM is seamless. IT administrators can easily keep a close eye on business-critical applications, infrastructures, and third-party service dependencies, ultimately ensuring minimal service disruption for the end user.

The NiCE DB2 sMP solution is simple but comprehensive and requires minimal deployment effort. When working with the DB2 sMP, you can be sure that there are:

  • No complex interfaces to configure
  • No additional servers to install
  • No additional ports are to be opened
  • No proxies or appliances are to be installed

With the NiCE DB2 sMP you will be able to:

  • Automate recurring tasks e.g. reports, to save time and free up resources
  • To monitor specific details of your IBM DB2 environment
  • Centrally configure exception-based monitoring of your IBM DB2 environment

The NiCE DB2 sMP lets you efficiently manage and monitor your IBM DB2 environment to troubleshoot and identify problems with pinpoint accuracy. The NiCE DB2 sMP is the only solution on the market to monitor your DB2 database servers in an Operations Bridge Manager environment.

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NiCE DB2 smart Management Pack for OBM 4.32
245.2 KB
Oct 14, 2022
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Product compatibility
Version 2018.01 · 2018.05 · 2018.08 · 2018.11
Release notes

NiCE is pleased to announce the availability of a new version of the NiCE DB2 smart
Management Pack (DB2sMP). What is new with this patch?
Besides fixing defects, the following enhancements have been included:
• DB2sMP contains its own Perl compilation to be independent of the Operations
Agent version.
• Platform support of new flash-free OBM server versions
• DB2 version 11.5 is supported
• Enhanced HADR support
• Enhanced usability in some areas

NiCE DB2 smart Management Pack for Micro Focus Operations Bridge Manager 4.30
2.4 MB
Jan 15, 2019
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Product compatibility
Version 10.10 · 10.11 · 10.60 · 10.12 · 10.61 · 10.62 · 10.63
Release notes

See your DB2 environments even better than before
Be the first to get a complete picture of the health and performance of your business critical DB2 database environment using the new NiCE DB2 smart Management Pack 4.30. The NiCE DB2 smart Management Pack delivers first-rate monitoring for business critical, highly dynamical database environments. Leverage your existing investment and reduce costs, save time and build efficiencies now.

What´s new in this NiCE DB2 sMP 4.30 release

  • Support of DB2 non-root installation
  • Q-Replication: Monitoring of Apply Log File contents and their sizes
  • Support of Reorg Monitoring
  • Several new metrics for better table space monitoring
  • New metric for indoubt transactions
  • Enhance Self-Monitoring
  • Support for IPv6
  • Enhanced logging and error reporting

Password Security enhancement



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