The OBM Management Pack for Oracle Database helps administrators efficiently monitor distributed enterprise-wide Oracle database environments from a central, best-in-class console. The Management Pack helps you increase Oracle RDBMS availability and performance, visualize capacity shortages and trends and lower the overall cost of maintaining your Oracle database environments. OBM Management Pack for Oracle Database has the capability to monitor the database performance of Oracle Database and Oracle RAC (real application cluster).

The OBM Management Pack for Oracle Database provides out of the box Management Template (MT) for monitoring Oracle databases. There are different MTs to suit different monitoring needs. The MTs constitutes of out of the box Aspects to monitor different aspects of your Oracle Database. The OBM Management Pack is capable of monitoring Oracle databases in all deployment scenarios; whether it is a single instance database or configured as Oracle RAC. Users can also tune the configuration for individual oracle instances from a single console from the OBM server providing a seamless user experience.

Please check Support Matrix for supported versions of Management Pack for Oracle Database.

The latest Patch OBM_MP_for_Oracle_Database_2021.11_Patch3 is available

Visit Documentation portal for more details about the patch:

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OBM Management Pack for Oracle Database 2021.11
21.0 MB
Feb 2, 2022
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Product compatibility
Version 2020.05 · 2020.10
Version 2021.05 · 2021.11
Release notes

what's New:

Support for CLAW

With this release, OBM Management Pack for Oracle offers support for the Cluster Aware (CLAW) feature.

Doc Portal Link:

OBM Management Pack for Oracle Database 2020.11
22.6 MB
Dec 7, 2020
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Product compatibility
Version 2018.05 · 2018.11
Version 2019.02 · 2019.05 · 2019.08 · 2019.11
Version 2020.05 · 2020.10
Release notes

what's New :

you can now access enhanced capability to monitor Windows Listener, PDB availability, and Datagaurd status.

Doc Portal Link:


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