Exam is a modular platform for high-stakes exams that performs the following functions:

  • Generation of personalised and blank answer papers (APs)
  • Electronic distribution of APs and other materials directly to test venues
  • Distributed and centralised scanning of APs
  • Automatic data extraction and verification of response data
  • Candidate reconciliation and centre management
  • Export of responses and images to third-party on-screen marking solutions (OSM)

eXam is a modular solution for answer sheet capture, processing, and verification. It includes:

Exam paper design

  • Personalised answer sheets with candidate name, number, centre, session date, component etc.
  • Non-personalised (blank) answer sheets
  • All question types including multiple choice (MCQ), short answer, long text, and drawing or diagram areas
  • Answer sheet optimised for recognition with cornerstones and ID blocks to reduce manual intervention later in the process
  • Barcodes to identify candidates and reconcile answer sheets
  • Question randomisation

Web portal

  • Supports single sign-on (SSO) for secure user access
  • Custom branding
  • Download and print question papers (QP) and personalised APs
  • Download and print blank (non-personalised) QP/AP (for late enrolments, damaged originals etc.)
  • Print test pages to calibrate printer/scanner settings
  • Dashboard reporting to monitor the status of any session or centre
  • Launch eScan module via a link on the web portal to scan completed APs

Image scanning

  • Capture any type of structured form template designed with TeleForm Designer
  • Automatically deploy and enforce scan configurations to minimise setup time and user training.
  • Validate image quality through a combination of page identifying marks and brightness scales, checking page sizes, readability, and paper type in real-time as the images are scanned.
  • Highlight incomplete scans to the scanning operator via an intuitive traffic light system. Batches containing incomplete scans will not be uploaded until all missing pages or ordering issues are resolved.
  • Queue images for background upload, making the system tolerant of poor internet connectivity.

Image processing, conversion, and extraction

  • Cornerstones for automatic page rotation, distortion correction and response area triangulation.
  • Brightness bars for automatic scanner brightness\contrast setting and quality validation.
  • Colour-coded side-bleeding for easy paper identification.
  • 2D barcodes for automatic page recognition.
  • Read constrained print fields (one cell per letter/number/character).
  • Read short written responses from constrained print fields (one character per box) with intelligent character recognition (ICR).
  • Read multiple choice questions with optical mark recognition (OMR).
  • Read machine-printed text (e.g., pre-printed candidate data) with optical character recognition (OCR).
  • Continuation sheet numbering to aid matching and reconciliation.

Image verification

  • Queues any discrepancies, duplicates, or unclear papers for human verification in a web-accessible, high-speed verification interface.
  • Minimal keystrokes with operators automatically progressing to the next character or field.
  • Make decisions about duplicate images (retain, re-assign, discard or append).
  • Monitor progress and highlight images pending review, completed, or escalated to a supervisor.
  • Prioritises older session data to ensure deadlines are met.
  • Provides users with the ability to request re-scans if the original is unreadable or poor quality.
  • Allows for team management messaging.
  • Maintains an audit log of all activity.
  • Minimises keystrokes with all functions keyboard-driven to reduce processing time.
  • Export data to any required format e.g., CSV, Excel.
  • Export data to third-party on-screen marking solutions (OSM).

The benefits of eXam include:

  • Capture hundreds of thousands of high-stakes exam answer sheets
  • Scale up your infrastructure should your needs expand.
  • Multiple deployment options with solutions available for national hubs processing hundreds of thousands of test papers to small, distributed venues capturing a few hundred answer sheets per day.


Paper based exams 1.0
Jan 18, 2024
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Design, capture and processing services for pen and paper based exams


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