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YOUR ACTION IS REQUIRED: The Micro Focus login and authentication system will change on February 26, 2019. To ensure a seamless transition, we invite you to set up and validate your new Single Sign-On credentials immediately.

As part of our ongoing IT transformation we are consolidating systems to improve your experience of interacting with Micro Focus. A key milestone is the unification of our Single Sign-On technology. As part of this, the existing Passport system will be replaced by a new unified set of Micro Focus credentials powered by Micro Focus Access Manager and eDirectory. We encourage you to set up and test your credentials in advance of this change to ensure you do not lose access to systems when the change happens on February 26, 2019.

Please note:
  • This change is being made in conjunction with other functionality upgrades that may result in extended blackout period for some of the listed applications, the impacted system users will be communicated separately.
  • The systems impacted by extended blackout will not be accessible with your new credentials until the end of the blackout.
What you need to do:

IMPORTANT: When following the steps below, please be aware that if you would like to maintain your current access rights, you will need to register with the same e-mail address you currently use. If you use a new e-mail address your current rights will not be transferred. Our records indicate that your e-mail address is %recipient_email%
  • Step 1: Create your new unified Micro Focus credentials
  • Step 2: Validate your e-mail address
    Once you have completed registration, you will be sent a validation e-mail. Once you receive the e-mail please follow the instructions in the e-mail to complete the validation.
Please note down your new credentials. When logging in after February 22, 2019, you will use the short username you created as part of the setup instead of your e-mail address.
Up till February 22, 2019 you will continue to access our systems through your old existing credentials (passport login)

What systems does this impact?

Your new credentials will replace your current Passport single sign-on for the following core applications:
Note: When you register with the same e-mail address as your current SSO, you will retain your associated entitlements, subscriptions, etc.

Need Help?
  • For your reference, we’ve created a short guide.
  • If you still have issues – raise a case. The hypercare has a 48hour SLA and we expect to respond much quicker.
Thank you for your continued support and business partnership.

The Micro Focus Team
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