Silk Central


Silk Central Support Onboarding Video Series (Free)

This free video series will explore the ideas, best practices and technologies around the Silk Central with the hope to provide a more productive way to work with the tools and get the most out of them. Find out more about Silk Central:

Micro Focus Silk Central® allows users to leverage the tools you are already using and integrate them to provide you with full tracking of all your test assets. Git is one of the most popular Source Control tools and Silk Central supports integrating with it out of the box. This allows testers and developers to quickly add their test cases and track project status as the project develops.


Managing Quality with Silk Central

Silk Central is an all-inclusive test management system that facilitates building quality and productivity into the testing process, speeding the delivery of successful enterprise applications. A central repository serves as the foundation for the entire quality process.


Silk Central Essentials (Free)

This is a web-based training that will quickly get you started with Silk Central. It describes how to perform very basic tasks within Silk Central.