Atlas Essentials (Free)

Atlas is a web-based requirements management tool that enables you to manage projects in a way that is more collaborative and flexible than existing requirements management tools. Atlas helps you to quickly take ideas and inspiration in the form of various visual elements, attach those ideas to a Whiteboard, then organize into Plans that can easily be tracked via the Delivery Backlog. It also facilitates easy collaboration with peers so that you can formalize Requirements and then pass those Requirements across to development teams.

Visual COBOL for Eclipse Essentials

Eclipse is created by an Open Source community and is used in several different areas, e.g. as a development environment for Java or Android applications. Eclipse roots go back to 2001. The prime objectives of this course are to provide the developer with a practical working knowledge of how the development and testing of COBOL applications can be effectively used on the Workstation, using the Micro Focus Eclipse development tools.

GroupWise 2014 Administrator Help Videos (Free)

Are you a new GroupWise administrator? Here are some short videos to help you begin your GroupWise training journey. To learn more about GroupWise visit:

Micro Focus GroupWise (formerly Novell GroupWise) is a complete collaboration software solution that provides email, scheduling, instant messaging, task management, contact management, and document management functions.

Silk Central Support Onboarding Video Series (Free)

This free video series explains the initial tasks of setting up and configuring Silk Central to get your users started. Find out more about Silk Central:

Silk Central builds quality and productivity into your testing process, speeding the delivery of successful software projects while minimizing the risks of application failures. It consolidates all the critical software-testing phases within a single, scalable, Web-based testing system, enabling your local and distributed software-development teams to share experiences, resources, and critical information.


Identity Manager 4.5 Administration (3147)

The purpose of this course is to enable administrators to perform basic administrative tasks using Identity Manager 4.5. The course provides instruction and hands-on experience with tasks such as installing the NetIQ Identity Manager Engine and drivers, configuring role-based services, eDirectory rights, and drivers, and administering Identity Manager. 

In addition, students learn how to use analyzer, manage policies and filters, use DSTrace to track driver content flow, and implement Identity Manager password synchronization

What’s New in Identity Manager 4.6 (3150)

This course introduces you to the new features, enhancements, and improved usability included in Identity Manager 4.6. Identity Manager is a comprehensive identity management suite. It provides an intelligent identity framework that leverages your existing IT assets and new computing models by reducing cost and ensuring compliance across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Sentinel 8 Server Administration (3159)

The purpose of this course is to teach the tasks required of a Sentinel 8 Administrator. Students will be able to describe the architecture, install collectors that capture events from various event sources, detect anomalies, and be able to run reports based on those collected events.

Identity Manager Administration (3167)

In this course, you learn basic Identity Manger Administrative tasks using Identity Manager 4.7. The course provides fundamental architecture and component information, as well as instructions for tasks such as installing the Identity Manager Engine and drivers, configuring role-based services, using Designer, eDirectory, Package Manager, and drivers, and administering Identity Manager.

In addition, you learn how to use analyzer, manage policies and filters, use DSTrace to track driver content flow, and implement Identity Manager password synchronization.

Implement a ZENworks Service Desk Store (ZSD250-80)

In this course, Administrators learn how to perform an initial installation and configuration of the ZENworks Service Desk appliance, and perform all tasks necessary to implement a ZENworks Service Desk Store integrated with ZENworks 2017.


Enterprise Analyzer Essentials (Free)

The Enterprise Analyzer training course shows you how to use Enterprise Analyzer to provide comprehensive analysis on your legacy system, ranging from data flow of a data item to visually exploring the relationships between legacy objects. Enterprise Analyzer aids in your understanding, increasing not only knowledge of your system, but also assisting in any re-development or enhancement efforts.

Enterprise Developer for Visual Studio Essentials (Free)

This course provides an introduction to using Micro Focus Enterprise Developer and aims to ensure you get the most out of the product. By using a series of supplied demonstration projects, online demos and offline exercises this course will show you how to edit, compile, debug and test using Enterprise Developer.

Rhythm Essentials (Free)

Rhythm is an Agile/Scrum delivery management tool where Agile execution teams plan, status and track their work. Agile teams can organize their Backlog, plan Releases, Sprints, and Kanban Boards, run daily stand-ups, and track delivery progress. When Rhythm is used together with Atlas, the Atlas Planning and Tracking Suite provides full program definition and delivery management – keeping the business in sync with the delivery team. 

Enterprise Server – Basic Diagnostics Training (Free)

This video-based course is designed for people responsible for maintaining the Enterprise Server system including identifying and reporting problems.It is focused on explaining the tracing and diagnostics in Enterprise Server. It provides sufficient architectural and technical information to enable a comprehensive understanding of these aspects so that tracing and diagnostics can be configured and enabled in Enterprise Server.

Silk Test – HowTo Videos (Free)

Learn HowTo use Silk Test to accelerate application testing and maintain high quality standards. Find out more at:

Fast delivery and high quality shouldn’t cause a conflict in software testing. Maintain rigorous quality standards and accelerate application testing on any device and platform with Silk Test® (formerly Borland® Silk Test). Standardize validation efforts by testing web, mobile, rich-client, and enterprise applications using a single, powerful test automation solution.