How do I purchase On-demand training?

It’s simple, just click on the subscription below that best fits your needs, follow the process on our SUSE Shop to complete your transaction, and get access to a wealth of information at your fingertips.

*NOTE* If you do not have a SUSE Shop account, you will be asked to create one. This account is not associated or linked in any way to your Customer Center account. It also will not provide you access to course content; this requires a Customer Center or PartnerNet account.

Select your configuration

On-demand Training Micro Focus Complete Library 1-year Subscription

The Micro Focus On-demand Library provides access to all Micro Focus On-demand training courses including heritage Novell and NetIQ content.


On-demand Training File & Networking Services 1-User 1-Year Subscription

The File & Networking Services portfolio provides training on Filr, iPrint, the File Management Suite, and Open Enterprise Server.


On-demand Training Collaboration 1-User 1-Year Subscription

Collaboration contains content and webinars for GroupWise 2014, GroupWise 2012, and Vibe.


On-demand Training Endpoint Management 1-User 1-Year Subscription

Endpoint Management includes training courses, Quick Tasks, webinars, and First Looks on ZENworks Configuration Management, Mobile Management, Application Virtualization, ZENworks Asset Management, ZENworks Full Disk Encryption, ZENworks Endpoint Security Management, ZENworks Patch Management, and Service Desk.


On-demand Training VisiBroker Fundamentals Subscription

If you are a member of a software development team developing distributed application using CORBA technology, this course is for you. The course will introduce you to the standard defined by CORBA and how you can create a distributed application using VisiBroker. You will learn how to define the interface between 2 components using Interface Definition Language (IDL). You will also learn how to configure the behavior of your distributed object using the Portable Object Adapter (POA) policies.


On-demand Training Managing Quality with Silk Central

Silk Central is an all-inclusive test management system that facilitates building quality and productivity into the testing process, speeding the delivery of successful enterprise applications. A central repository serves as the foundation for the entire quality process. A full scale web application with a common browser view allowing access to comprehensive project information through a number of standard views, from virtually anywhere.


On-demand Training SilkPerformer Results Analysis and Correlation

Silk Performer RAC is an HTML based course. It includes instructional text and image based training, with embedded videos demonstrating features and functionality of SilkPerformer. Hands-on exercises are completed using the Silk Performer product (either trial or licensed). This course is valuable instruction for QA project leaders, testers, and engineers who need to build or improve their skills related to load test results analysis and interpretation. Results Analysis and Correlation (RAC) is the second course in a two-part series. The first course, Modeling and Implementing Load Tests (MIL), explains how to design, implement, and run load tests. RAC explains how to interpret load test results.


On-demand Training SilkPerformer Modeling and Implementing Load Tests

Silk Performer MIL is an HTML based course. It includes 12 modules of instructional, text and image based training. Hands-on exercises are completed using the Silkperformer product (either trial or licensed).The course is for QA project leaders, testers, and engineers who need to develop a working knowledge of a load testing methodology and SilkPerformer.


On-demand Training Visual COBOL for Eclipse Subscription

Micro Focus Visual COBOL for Eclipse is a contemporary development suite that allows developers to maintain, develop and modernize your applications. These applications can be deployed onto one of the Micro Focus Linux, UNIX or Windows based production platforms.


On-demand Training Visual COBOL for Visual Studio Subscription

Micro Focus Visual COBOL for Visual Studio is a contemporary development suite that allows developers to maintain, develop, and modernize your applications. These applications can be deployed onto one of the Micro Focus Linux, UNIX, or Windows-based production platforms.


On-demand Training COBOL Programming for Business Success Subscription

This hands-on web based training course teaches you how to design and code COBOL programs. It explains basic COBOL constructs and continues through to lessons on strategic modular programming. The course also provides practical tips and best practices used by experienced COBOL professionals that will help you avoid programming pitfalls.


On-demand Training Identity & Access Management 1-User 1-Year Subscription

The Identity and Access Management portfolio contains training on Identity Manager, Access Manager, Identity Governance, Change Guardian, eDirectory and other IAS related products.


On-demand Training IT Operations Management 1-User 1-Year Subscription

IT Operations Management portfolio contains training on AppManager, Operations Center, Aegis and the PlateSpin products.


Get Training On-demand

  • Convenient delivery method offering a flexible solution to non-traditional training options
  • Accessible online at any time and anywhere from any web-enabled device
  • Perfect option if you have limited time or budget for classroom training
  • Features recorded lectures and demos; select courses provide in depth quizzes to test your knowledge and expertise
  • Helps you gain the knowledge and expertise you need to remain competitive

About On-demand Training

Not only is On-demand training convenient and affordable it is available 24×7. As additional On-demand training courses are added to the library, your subscription allows you to access them at no additional cost.

On-demand training is sold as a subscription and entitles a single user access to on-demand training courses for a 12 month period from the date of purchase.

What’s Included

On-demand training includes these levels of courses:

  • Webinars (Free) are recordings from our Product Management presentations to help users better understand specific topics and newly updated features.
  • QuickTask Training are short training modules which address a wide range of topics such as common support issues, migrations, troubleshooting and advanced coverage of specific product features or functionality.
  • Administrator-level Training Courses are for after you have the product installed and configured and now you need to know how to use it productively. These courses cover the basic, day-to-day operations of the product.
  • Engineer-level Training Courses include intermediate to advanced content which goes beyond the normal day-to-day administration topics. On-demand engineer-level training covers special products and topics not found in larger training venues.

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