Independent Software Vendors

Within a hyper-connected world, speed to market is the new competitive differentiator. Software organizations (ISVs) that can quickly build, test, manage, and deploy higher quality consumer applications will gain an advantage in today's economy. To achieve lasting success, an ISV needs to leverage the applications and data that have made them successful alongside the latest tools and technologies. The Micro Focus ISV program is dedicated to educating and enabling independent software vendors to confidently compete and win in an increasingly complex and changing IT landscape. With Micro Focus as your trusted partner, ISVs will innovate faster with less risk.

Micro Focus ISV Program Key Benefits:

  • Flexible commercial terms with volume and maintenance discounts
  • 24×7×365 technical support services supported by a global customer care infrastructure
  • Universal platform support for COBOL and PL/I applications achieved through an adaptable and portable infrastructure
  • Pursue new market opportunity by leveraging existing application value and deploying to alternative platforms
  • A dedicated ISV Account Team committed to your success, including an Account Manager, Solutions Engineer, and Marketing Manager
  • As an ISV, you maintain control of your applications from the first support call to application testing, licensee management, and price structure

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See why thousands of independent software vendors and end users choose the Micro Focus ISV Program to support their individual business strategy.

For software organizations maintaining COBOL or mainframe business systems, there's a bright future ahead. Optimize your investment with the Micro Focus ISV Program. Take your proven mainframe and COBOL business systems to alternative platforms and new technologies with minimal change by leveraging modern tools and service delivery practices such as Agile and DevOps. Reach new customers by leveraging existing application value and deploying mainframe applications to alternative platforms. Innovation has never been easier than with the Micro Focus ISV Program. Take your COBOL and mainframe applications into the future faster while reducing cost and risk.

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Our Vision for ISVs

Micro Focus has a clear plan for—and proven investment in—our ISVs. Working together, this partnership unites us to deliver the right technology solutions for customers and end users. In support of ISV business goals, the Micro Focus ISV vision is committed to:

  • Improving application development efficiency, quality, and speed to market
  • Maximizing operational efficiency while increasing business value
  • Developing agile and portable application solutions adaptable to future change
  • Bridging existing business applications to next generation technologies and architectures, including .NET, Java, mobile, and the Cloud
  • Reaching new customers by leveraging existing value and deploying mainframe applications to alternative platforms
  • Building lasting customer relationships and quality-driven service delivery practices
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Working with a Mainframe?

Are you an ISV working with a mainframe? Gain more value from this important asset using Micro Focus Enterprise solutions. Deploy your mainframe applications to alternative platforms, leveraging valuable competitive advantage, to reach new customers and pursue new market opportunity. Accelerate mainframe application development, testing, and deployment. Quickly provision dev and test resources to local, virtual, or cloud environments. Streamline application delivery using the power of mainframe DevOps and improve business agility by deploying mainframe applications to new platforms, including Linux, .NET, and the Cloud. Leverage your competitive advantage, reach new customers, and pursue new market opportunity with the Micro Focus ISV program.

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An online order management system for prequalified ACUCOBOL-GT® customers only operating within North America.

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Success Stories - Cobol

Aquilon Software

"It's Visual Studio! New developers start with a familiar environment and the IDE is highly configurable, making development with Visual COBOL much more productive."
Read more ›

C.A. Curtze (US/ACU)

"A few months ago we couldn't compete with other companies who offered mobile applications—now we can outperform them."
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TATA Consulting Services

"Being COBOL-based is one of the keys to BANCS success. Micro Focus COBOL actually does what some other languages promise—you can basically write once and run anywhere."
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Success Stories - Enterprise


"The new HP and Micro Focus solution enables us to maintain the same functions at just 10 percent of the previous maintenance costs. It meets our strategic approach without compromise, and includes a long-term vision of scalability to provide for future growth."
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"Using the Micro Focus solutions has increased our confidence in the quality of our production releases and we are able to include more enhanced functionality in each release we issue."
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Worksafe BC

"Micro Focus technology allowed us to move to a more flexible, lower cost virtual platform environment, supporting our SOI and SaaS business solution direction. We are impressed with the flexibility of our new infrastructure and look forward to further modernizing our applications to better serve our clients."
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With our development productivity at an all-time high, our builds as reliable as ever and a stable run-time environment, we feel ready for the future. Visual COBOL is evolving and each new version brings something that helps us improve productivity even further."

Greg Condon CTO, Aquilon Software

We view Visual COBOL as a bridge technology. It will align us to new technology capabilities, while future-proofing existing application investments."

Søren Krogager Senior R&D Manager, CDK Global
Key Program Contacts
Susan Drennan VP ISV Sales - North America
Ron Greer ISV Sales Manager - International
Dominique Sacre Product Director - extend
Scot Nielsen Product Manager - COBOL
Eddie Houghton Product Director - Enterprise
Ed Airey Product Marketing Director