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Provides the insight you need to support all your modernization activities.
Revolutionizes mainframe application development.
Delivers better collaboration and practice to address complex maintenance tasks, faster.
Lets you execute mainframe workload where you need it.
Provides delegated Exchange administration that restricts privileges to specified roles or individuals.
A Windows-based terminal emulator that works with Extra! X-treme to connect users to HP NonStop/Tandem systems.
A Windows-based terminal emulator that connects users to IBM, UNIX, and Linux hosts.
Lets your users access their home directories and network folders on any mobile device.
Helps you edit, test, and review Microsoft Group Policy Objects (GPO) changes before implementing them.
Provides secure email, calendaring, contact management, and task management with mobile synchronization.
A server that works with your IAM system to centrally manage and secure host access via Reflection, Extra!, Rumba+, and InfoConnect terminal emulators.
Delivers an intelligent identity management framework to service your enterprise—inside the firewall and into the cloud.
A TCP/IP-based gateway that connects IBM-compatible PCs, LANs, WANs, or intranets to multiple TPF/ALCS and Unisys systems—including Amadeus, Apollo/Galileo, HP Shares, Sabre, and Worldspan—via a single connection.
A flexible print delivery software that complements InfoConnect Desktop Pro for Airlines with support for shared printers and host devices as well as for intelligent card readers, specialized ticket printers, and point-of-sale terminals.