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Enables developers to exploit existing enterprise applications on the Microsoft platform.
This latest version of Visual COBOL for Visual Studio offers an unparalleled application development experience with access to industry leading development tools through Microsoft. Visual COBOL for Visual Studio 2017 is available as a developer preview.
Use NetIQ Vivinet Assessor before you invest in a VoIP deployment to predict the overall call quality you can expect from the network, and to efficiently identify where upgrades will be needed to avoid call quality problems.
A VoIP troubleshooting tool that automatically pinpoints call quality problems in Voice over IP networks and explains why you are experiencing reduced call quality to minimize troubleshooting time.
Provides hardware and software reports that integrate licensing, installation, and usage data.
Provides automated endpoint management, software distribution, user support, and accelerated Windows 7 migration.
Delivers identity-based protection for mobile devices like laptops, smart phones, and thumb drives, and offers driver-level firewall protection.
Protects the data on laptops and desktops with push-button ease.
Automates patch assessment, monitoring and remediation, and monitors patch compliance to detect security vulnerabilities.
Seven integrated products to help you track, manage, and protect your endpoint devices.