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A robust, high-performance, open-source ORB for the Java Language.
A feature rich Ada ORB for demanding real-time applications.
A real-time CORBA ORB for the Real-time Specification for Java.
A complete suite of middleware security products.
A high-performance, robust, feature-rich open-source C++ ORB.
A business service management solution that delivers a holistic view of your mixed IT environment.
A CORBA 2.6 compliant middleware supporting C++ and Java.
FreeSSL is the IIOP replacement transport for Orbacus for when message and data security is a requirement. It is based on the industry accepted SSL encryption technology, and it's free.
Designed for event-driven asynchronous messaging systems. It provides publish-subscribe capabilities while still offering the same performance, broad platform support, and source availability you've come to expect from Orbacus.
For organizations that use the original version of Orbix and CORBA. It adheres to the CORBA 2.1 specification.
Mission-critical integration based on over two decades of continuous development and refinement.
The world's leading CORBA implementation with over 15 years of successful deployments in many of the largest companies on the planet.
Offers a set of mainframe-native application development and integration tools and services that make it easy to integrate mainframe systems.
An all-in-one disaster recovery hardware appliance that protects both physical and virtual servers.
A physical and virtual conversion tool that delivers fast and efficient P2V and anywhere-to-anywhere migrations.