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An application lifecycle solution that unleashes the power of software development teams to deliver superior results.
A collaborative, flexible, Agile requirements and delivery platform.
Manage Agile requirements through visualization and collaboration.
Change management that detects system changes, synchronizes multiple environments, and restores failed systems.
Mainframe release management that builds packages of change artifacts to speed up mainframe application development.
Provides multiple change management interfaces for ChangeMan ZMF in order to efficiently maintain and organize mainframe apps and plug-ins.
Mainframe comparison tool that supports data, text, and directory files. Parses data and offers 50+ reporting options.
Agile management software for managing change across the application lifecycle.
Connects Dev and Ops by automating the deployment pipeline, reducing cycle times, and providing rapid feedback to development and test teams.
A virtual expert that automatically detects and diagnoses software defects, performance problems, and security vulnerabilities lurking within application code.
Ensures code quality with a powerful set of software development and testing tools.
Empowers Windows teams to build steady, high-performance applications.
Change and configuration management that streamlines collaborative parallel development to increase team velocity and ensure release readiness.
Proven requirements management solution for traditional or Agile methodologies. Provides efficient collaboration and end-to-end traceability from initial ideas to deliverables.
PlateSpin Transformation Manager helps businesses, service providers, and systems integrators plan and track their data center transformation projects across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures.