Take your ACUCOBOL-GT® applications into the future with a new UI modernization solution from Micro Focus. AcuToWeb, alongside the latest version of extend®, instantly transforms your ACUCOBOL-GT and character based applications enabling a modern web experience across mobile and browser platforms. Now quickly deliver web, tablet or smartphone access to existing ACUCOBOL applications without code change cost or risk. AcuToWeb—a new, fast and innovative approach to UI modernization.

AcuToWeb Data Sheet
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AcuToWeb: Modernize and mobilize your ACUCOBOL applications
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  • Future proof your ACUCOBOL applications with instant UI modernization
  • Deliver immediate UI transformation for ACUCOBOL-GT or character applications without risk or code change
  • Manage a single application codebase across UNIX, Linux, Windows, web, mobile and cloud platforms
  • Realize a rapid upgrade path with no code change required for most ACU applications that use standard controls
  • Deploy extend applications to any HTML5 compliant web browser without client side software or browser plugins
  • Reach new customers with support across leading browser and mobile platforms
  • Enter new markets with Unicode internationalization support
Instant UI transformation

Instantly transform your ACUCOBOL-GT and character applications for web or mobile access. Take your ACU apps into the future and deliver a new user experience—without cost, risk or code change.

Mobilize Your ACUCOBOL Applications

Reach new customers with support across leading browser and mobile platforms. Deliver a consistent application experience to desktop, web, tablet and smartphone users.

Go Global

Develop new markets and target new customers, faster, with Unicode internationalization support.

Easy Administration

Transform your existing ACU character or graphical UI to HTML5 web pages. No plugins required. Support secure, application deployment across leading browser platforms including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Deployment Choice

Deploy your ACUCOBOL applications on any operating platform including Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mac, web, mobile or Cloud environment. Go to market faster and with greater agility using flexible deployment technology.

"IT delivery is changing and we had to adapt to keep our solution cutting edge. Micro Focus AcuToWeb helped us deliver a Cloud-ready Web and mobile solution. We have transformed the user experience and our service delivery model while reusing our application source code which is exactly what we wanted to do."
Dev O’Reilly   /   President,  Textile Management Systems