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AccuRev’s Software Configuration Management (SCM) platform provides some of the most powerful version control and change management tools available on the market today. Its stream based architecture makes it unique in its ability to enable Agile at scale.

Your 2-user product trial enables you to:

  • Give developers more time to code
  • Release new features and fixes on demand
  • Adapt business processes as needed
  • Secure your code and ensure compliance
  • Your 2-User license is non-expiring and free forever

For existing AccuRev customers

  • You may use this 2-user license to test upgrades
  • Regardless of the number of users you have existing today, you can install this 2-user license key on another server to test
  • This key will only work with versions of AccuRev 7.x or higher
  • For customers using prior versions of AccuRev 7.x, please contact Customer Care via

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Operating Systems

  • Windows 32-bit
  • Windows 7, 8—Client Only
  • UNIX
  • Linux 64-bit


  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10—Server & Client Only
  • IBM AIX 6.x and 7.x
  • Solaris 10, 11 (Intel 64-bit)—Server & Client Only
  • Mac OSX—Client Only
  • Red Hat Enterprise 5, 6, 7—Server & Client Only


"We estimate AccuRev has increased our productivity by 30%. Updates which could take 10–15 minutes in ClearCase are taking just seconds with AccuRev."

Ed Kovalev   /   Technical Project Manager, Microlistics