Accelerate release and build management processes

Provides consistent visibility into all software lifecycle release artifacts. Stakeholders can easily navigate to any point in time to obtain and manipulate the state of play for any configuration, or to determine updates associated with releases.

  • Synchronize defects and test plans with your development team
  • Improve stakeholder collaboration, boost team productivity, software quality, and project predictability
  • Identify the code changes which fixed a bug or executed a task
Collaborate securely from anywhere in the world

StarTeam excels with development teams, whether they are co-located or geographically distributed across the globe. All stakeholders benefit from central control and visibility provided by a single repository which reduces replication cost and maintenance.

  • Work in your choice of IDE (fully supported with Eclipse and Visual Studio)
  • Quickly push changes to developers from a central repository and minimize downtime
  • Seamlessly sync files into a single repository to maintain a single-source-of-truth
  • Gain central control and enterprise-wide visibility from caching technology
Enterprise class version control

StarTeam offers more than just standard file version control, it offers enterprise-class version control. Your development teams use the extendable repository to track and manage change to a wide range of digital development assets, such as source-files, change requests, defects, tasks, requirements, user stories, and discussions.

  • Visually merge and review all change assets to manage and control the updates for any release
  • Quickly push changes to developers from a central repository and minimize downtime
  • Seamlessly sync files into a single repository to maintain a single source of truth
  • Full Web-Client to configure access to all components including sprints, stories, and custom components
End-to-end impact analysis

Understand every build and release at a glance. StarTeam supports the ability to create automated builds and generate release reports. StarTeam maintains a data warehouse (DataMart) for comprehensive data analytics and decision support to help improve project visibility.

  • Review and compare cross-project data metrics to heighten visibility and improve fact-based decision support
  • Create dashboards, gather business intelligence, and benefit from cross-project reporting
  • Deliver intelligent analytics and reporting for evaluation and trend analysis
Manage requirements, tasks, and source files

All requirements, tasks, and relevant source files are brought directly to developers and managed within their IDE.Take advantage of StarTeam’s Workflow Designer which enables users to design the best set of processes and rules for software delivery.

  • Full capability across integrated assets with a single source of change management
  • Deliver changes quickly with consolidated activity views
  • Create visibility over changes by versioning and reporting on stakeholder assets
  • A flexible and fully integrated workflow engine to support any process workflow