Enterprise Release Option: Maintain a high volume of changes

If you have complex and massive release management processes, the Enterprise Release Option (ERO) for ChangeMan ZMF simplifies the maintenance of multiple release processes. Consolidate migration paths into an integrated environment. Provide a release audit with automatic resolution of out-of-sync conditions. Automatically determine copybook and load module concatenations for build processes.

Work faster with change packages and customizable processes

Bringing together all affected artifacts simplifies mainframe development. Change packages let you manage a project as a unit throughout the defined lifecycle while software changes are in motion. With ChangeMan ZMF, you can customize processes, differentiate lifecycles, and group changes based on geography, functionality, or technology.

Increase transparency with tracking functions

ChangeMan ZMF tracks every change you make. Tracking helps you catch problems early, when they are easier to fix. Assess dependencies, perform impact analysis, and—when necessary—completely back out a change on your mainframe.

Expand with ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack

Extend the power of ChangeMan ZMF by adding the Client Pack. To take full advantage of your mainframe development resources, the ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack provides multiple client interfaces. Choose your interface for developing and maintaining mainframe applications.