Flexible Integration Through Smart Endpoints

A full Enterprise Service Bus with streamlined support for CORBA.


Micro Focus Artix™ is a flexible, easy to deploy integration solution that enables organizations to rapidly build, deploy, and manage highly secure services in either C++ or Java.

Artix can be used as a full Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) solution or to help modernize existing investments, bringing new opportunities and revenue models to your business.

  • Peer-to-peer network of smart, standards-based endpoints
  • Built on Service Oriented Architecture
  • Multi platform support
  • CORBA to non-CORBA integration
  • Configurable, insulated endpoints
  • Uses same core platform as Orbix
  • Easily extendable through patented plug-in architecture
  • Bridges protocols and data formats of diverse, legacy systems

Modernizing CORBA Through Artix

In addition to being a full Enterprise Service Bus, Artix is a natural extension to any CORBA deployment. Through Artix, your existing CORBA applications can interoperate with non-CORBA technologies without any modification or change in functionality.

Containing the market leading Orbix 6 runtime, Artix provides an enterprise-grade quality of service that traverses technical boundaries.

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Incremental SOA adoption

Artix creates a peer-to-peer network of smart, standards-based endpoints using existing infrastructure, so enterprises can begin with low-risk, high-value SOA projects and gradually add services as needed.

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Dynamic and adaptable

Artix endpoints are configurable and insulated from the rest of the network, so services can be extended, modified and hot deployed without disrupting the rest of the enterprise.

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Artix is a multi-platform and multi-protocol solution that connects diverse and lightweight endpoints without an expensive, cumbersome centralized server or vendor lock-in.

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