OpenFusion RTOrb Ada Edition™ is Micro Focus’ high performance, robust, and feature rich Ada ORB. It is specifically designed for use in mission critical real-time applications. It complies with the latest revisions of the CORBA Specification and implements many advanced CORBA features, such as Objects By Value (OBV) and CORBA Messaging, including Asynchronous Method Invocation (AMI).

OpenFusion RTOrb Ada Edition is particularly suitable for demanding applications in sectors including defense, aerospace, air traffic management, telecom, data communications, satellites, railways, and financial systems.

  • Worldwide customer base in air-traffic control, C41 defense, and aerospace
  • Operate across a range of data types, including TCP/IP and shared memory transports
  • Memory allocation makes access fast, highly predictable, and minimally fragmented
  • Provides a pluggable transport framework with flexible architecture
  • Easily prove correctness by using native Ada, even without assembler or C callouts
  • Implemented with Ada95 for high-availability, mission-critical applications
Stay compliant

The architecture of OpenFusion RTOrb Ada is based on international standards.

Stay compliant
Real-time ORB

OpenFusion RTOrb Ada Edition's core design and algorithms are common to all OpenFusion real-time ORBs.

Real-time ORB
Memory-safe implementation

OpenFusion RTOrb supports multiple ADA platforms.

Memory-safe implementation
"The approach proposed by Micro Focus was 20% cheaper than the alternative option of expanding our mainframe capacity. Over three years, we expect to cut development and testing costs by 40% through heightened productivity and by exploiting efficiencies."
Milo Gusmeroli   /   Vice President  Banca Popolare di Sondrio