Product Notice

The following is a product and support notice for Micro Focus CORBA customers. The information below provides further detail related to the use of OpenJDK version 8 and version 11 and its impact on Micro Focus CORBA applications and customers support contracts.

With the release of Visibroker 8.5.6, Orbix 6.3.11, and Orbix 3.3.15, these products are fully supported by Micro Focus on OpenJDK versions 8 and 11. Visibroker 8.5.5, Orbix 6.3.10, and Orbix 3.3.14 will also support OpenJDK version 8.

The Micro Focus OpenFusion JacORB 3.7 and OpenFusion CORBA Services 5.01 will also be supported on OpenJDK 8.

For questions related to your application environment and Micro Focus CORBA product support for Oracle JDK 11, please contact your Account Manager.

- The Micro Focus CORBA team