Develop and deploy high-performance, mission-critical, distributed applications

Using VisiBroker® organizations can develop, connect and deploy complex distributed applications that have to meet very high performance and reliability standards. With more than 30 million licenses in use, VisiBroker is the world’s most widely deployed CORBA object request broker (ORB) infrastructure.

VisiBroker is a comprehensive CORBA environment for developing, deploying and managing distributed applications. Built on proven and open industry standards and on a high-performance architecture, VisiBroker is ideally suited to low latency, complex, data-oriented, transaction-intensive, mission-critical environments.

Meet the complex integration challenges of distributed systems

A feature of today’s successful enterprise is a highly effective portfolio of distributed technologies and software applications capable of serving multiple data sources, devices and other delivery channels simultaneously.

Micro Focus VisiBroker addresses high levels of systems diversity and heterogeneity and provides a comprehensive CORBA environment for developing, deploying and managing distributed applications.

Highly scalable and agile

Sophisticated thread and connection management and efficient implementation of the IIOP® protocol, means VisiBroker scales to large numbers of clients and servers.
VisiBroker provides all the functionality needed for seamless interoperability of CORBA applications with other leading technology stacks including Web Services, .NET, and J2EE, so they can conform to a modern Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

High reliability and built-in management capabilities

Increased return on investment and lowest total cost of ownership of any commercial CORBA ORB on the market.

Engineered to the highest standards

Fifteen years of client deployments and hundreds of person-years of development provides unparalleled engineering to give power-users the edge.

SOA ready

Improved interoperability of CORBA applications with other technology applications within a Service Oriented Architecture.

Support for widest range of hardware, operating systems and compilers

Confidence that Micro Focus provides strong support and continued innovation, so customers continue to maximize their VisiBroker investment.

CORBA-Based, Distributed-Processing Services

VisiNotify® ensures high-performance event notification with unique support for typed channels, and retain the value of the notifications in a persistent, searchable store

VisiSecure® makes sure critical data and services are never exposed to inappropriate or unintended use

VisiTransact® maintains the consistency and integrity of your mission-critical data even when other parts of the system fail


Telcordia uses VisiBroker to integrate its complex communications offerings for the world’s telcos
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Data Sheet

pdf iconVisiBroker data sheet

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