Unite the build and deploy processes

Delivery teams own the development and build processes, but deployment is often handed off to another team that uses different tools, scripts, and processes to test and deploy application builds. To bridge this development and operations chasm, Deployment Automation integrates the toolchain, managing the deployment of release candidates across the entire pipeline.

Integrate smoothly with CI tools

Delivery tool integration with a continuous integration server is often poor or even non-existent. Deployment Automation works seamlessly with continuous integration tools to automate the deployment pipeline. Simply download, install, and configure one of the Deployment Automation plugins.

Model and manage the deployment pipeline

Micro Focus Deployment Automation manages all your deployment pipelines, from version control to release. Easily create, import, export, and display all deployment pipelines and associated configurations. Flexible capabilities suit your needs.

  • Ensure that the same configuration is used for each environment in the pipeline
  • Auto-promote the release candidate after each successful deployment.
  • See a holistic view of each environment to quickly understand what is deployed and where
  • Track the history of deployable artifacts such as files, images, databases, configuration materials, or anything associated with the software project
  • Create cloud and virtual environments on demand
Inventory management

Understand what is deployed where and the differences between items. Track components, snapshots, and configurations deployed to any resource and environment. Display detailed reports to make sure all your environments are compliant.

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Resilient and scalable architecture

Stateless controller servers provide access to the security engine, workflow engine, user interface, and other key areas. This tier can be fully load-balanced to enable almost instantaneous failover, allowing both high availability and load-balanced implementations.

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Single-click snapshots

Deployment Automation provides an inventory of application artifacts, including information about where they have been deployed. Single-click application snapshots capture the application state as well as the environment. Snapshots can be used to compare, deploy, and roll back releases quickly and accurately.

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Drag-and-drop deployment automation

Streamline deployments with drag-and-drop simplicity, orchestrating complex deployments across all delivery environments. Take a snapshot of your application and deploy to an environment as a single artifact with just one click.

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Orchestrate the continuous delivery pipeline

Deployment Automation orchestrates the provisioning of all delivery environments with full stack deployments to physical, virtual, container, and cloud-based environments. Integration with the Micro Focus Silk® testing suite means Deployment Automation can orchestrate the build, deployment, testing, and release of a continuous delivery pipeline.

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Reliable and repeatable

Deployment pipelines and their associated components are securely managed with role-based access and approvals. Ensure that components tested together are released together—Deployment Automation uses the same deployment process for seamless automated deployments from development to production.

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Open and extensible architecture

Deployment Automation ships with plugins for many common deployment processes. Automating application stack provisioning is easy using plugins for Chef, AWS, or VMware. Additional plugins are available.

  • Testing tools
  • Middleware tools
  • Databases
  • Servers
  • Other deployment targets

The architecture is open and extensible, and custom plugins can be written in any language.