Automatic Inventory Tracking for Assets and Files

Detailed reports on components, resources, and environments

Keeping track of all assets and files that need to be deployed can be a daunting task when done manually. Luckily, Deployment Automation does it all for you, with reports to show you at a glance what is deployed where and the differences between them.

Inventory Tracking

Track assets and deployment environments

Track the components, snapshots, and configurations deployed to any resource by using the inventory management features provided in Deployment Automation. View inventory information on inventory tabs within the following entities:

  • Component: Shows applications and resources associated with a selected component.
  • Resource: Shows the current inventory of component versions for a selected resource and the configuration inventory.
  • Environment: Shows component version inventory within each resource for a selected environment.

Inventory management also provides an option to control the compliance of environment inventory based on success or failure of the deployment process. If a specific version of the component fails in a deployment, that component can be removed from inventory so the environment doesn’t become non-compliant. If it is successful, add the desired component version to the inventory and the environment remains compliant.

Track Actual vs Desired