Change and branch visualization

Visualize streams, branches, and dependencies in a graphical timeline view. Watch in real time as streams are branched and merged. Dimensions® CM helps you easily evaluate the health and readiness of code changes to determine if they are ready to be merged or released.

Agile request management

Use Dimensions CM to organize and prioritize development requests into prioritized backlogs. Assign requests to a development iteration or sprint, and then visualize and manage status an interactive card wall.

Shift left

Easily combine your preferred code-centric tools into a continuous inspection toolchain, including CI, static analysis, and web vulnerability tools. Provide rapid feedback to developers and aggregated KPI metrics to determine software quality and release readiness.

Collaborative peer review

Conduct global code reviews quickly and efficiently. View activity streams, add in-line comments, and collaborate early with your peers to improve the quality of code, increase team velocity, and speed approval.

Annotation view

Annotating the lines of code in your source file makes it easier to find when a change was introduced. Browse the list of changes to a file, sorting by who made them and when. View additions, deletions, and modifications together with any associated change requests.

Mobile platform support

Adoption of mobile development is easy, with support for Appcelerator and Apple Xcode development latest environments. Manage the development of your mobile applications with reliable and secure processes.

Monitor and manage Agile development

Accelerated delivery requires constant planning and tracking of development activities to remove inefficiencies and quickly address issues. Dimensions CM helps delivery teams effectively monitor and manage Agile environments.

  • Continuously inspect reported findings and vulnerabilities from automated toolchains
  • Ensure rapid feedback to developers
  • View aggregated KPI metrics
  • Monitor delivery status and associated CI builds
Real time communication and collaboration

A collaborative, web-based peer review emphasizes teamwork among developers and software engineers. All Agile team members can view annotated code, highlight findings, and participate in collaborative discussion threads. Dimensions CM ties development and review processes together to improve real time communication and collaboration.

Analyze code changes and history

Knowing the context of code changes improves troubleshooting. The powerful annotation view Dimensions CM facilitates code change analysis down to the specific line, including who made what changes and if they were driven by a request or work-item. Coupled with built-in peer reviews and code branch visualization, Dimensions CM helps developers share best practices and improve productivity.

Prioritize requests
Prioritize requests

Organize requests into prioritized backlogs.

Monitor card status
Monitor card status

Visualize and monitor the status of requests in a card wall.

Track quality of changes
Track quality of changes

Continually evaluate the quality of development changes.

Manage docker images
Manage docker images

Control versions and approvals of your docker images.

Balance automation and approvals
Balance automation and approvals

Automate deployment while maintaining CM approvals.

Git Connector
Git Connector

Bring centralized control, inspection, and security to your Git teams.

Connect with our community
Connect with our community

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