Easy-to-read dashboard views

Whether your dashboard is public or private, Dimensions RM highlights best-practice KPIs and metrics such as approval status, orphaned requirements, and requirement iterations. All graphical reports have drill-down capabilities for further detail.

Powerful traceability and reporting

Get immediate insight into requirement relationships, versions, and dependencies. Integrate with Dimensions® CM change and configuration management to track requirements from development to release.

Requirement lifecycle workflow

Use the graphical editor to quickly define requirement states and transitions as well as assign access rights, visibility, and ownership. Easily implement preferred processes for requirement reviews and approvals.

Agile-driven requirements

Iteratively manage requirements with Agile capabilities such as backlogs, storyboards, and burndown charts. Both Agile and traditional artifacts can be viewed and even linked together to support hybrid methodologies.

Identification of workflow dependencies

Dimensions RM provides a graphical view of requirement relationships to highlight workflow dependencies. Understanding upstream and downstream workflows improves impact analysis as requirements evolve.

Advanced test management support

Incorporate test case planning, management, and execution while maintaining full traceability to requirements. Dimensions RM provides a built-in Test Editor and integrates with multiple test management tools

Advanced prototyping

Without writing code, use the integrated Prototype Composer to accurately simulate the application UX and functionality. Build high-fidelity prototypes, then derive requirements and link to associated screens or processes.

Maintain visibility into project status

Comprehensive role-based dashboards provide insight into the status and progress of requirements throughout the delivery lifecycle, regardless of development methodology.

Rapidly coordinate requirements

Coordinate requirement definition and approvals with all stakeholders and efficiently manage change across complex projects, geographically dispersed development teams, and multiple releases. Dimensions CM provides tight integration with delivery tools and issue tracking systems to facilitate synchronization and communication.

Reuse requirements and manage variants

Dimensions RM supports complex reuse scenarios and simplifies variant management and inheritance. Common requirements are stored in a central repository for ease of access and standardization across projects. Any variant automatically inherits the contents of the master, ensuring clear visibility of dependencies.

Trace requirements from end to end

Wizard-driven reports make it easy to generate a comprehensive traceability matrix that identifies requirement relationships, changes, and dependencies. Use Dimensions RM to effectively track requirements from concept to deployment.

"Now we know where our requirements are."
Richard Schrenker   /   Clinical Engineer,  MD PnP