Micro Focus® enterprise analyzer

Micro Focus Enterprise Analyzer

Gain the insight you need to support all your modernization activities

Enterprise Analyzer delivers a wide array of tools and content aimed at supporting the spectrum of application knowledge requirements, from CIO dashboards to the most detailed program and field analysis developer needs. The product scales to enable organizations to manage applications spanning hundreds of millions of lines of code with parallel access to hundreds of users.

Business initiatives supported include Application Portfolio Management (APM), modernization portability and risk, M&A, business/IT alignment, code quality, application development, application maintenance, documentation, business rule mining.

  • Understand the value that each of your mainframe applications deliver and the contribution these make to business
  • Plan the strategic mainframe modernization initiatives to take your business forward - quickly identifying migration candidates and potential risk points
  • Identify development priorities to improve application portfolio quality and match to business requirements
  • Improve quality by measuring and managing change, ensuring that the right return is obtained from streamlining and modernizing applications
  • Increase confidence by demystifying large complex applications
  • Reduce the cost and risk of application maintenance by 15%
  • Accelerate development and modernization projects by 40%
  • Accelerate the discovery and documentation of hidden logic by up to 50% compared to manual approaches.