In-Depth Forensics, Auditing, and Oversight

In-depth tools to assist legal and human resources investigations of employee email communication.
Instant email oversight

Enable your authorized executives to review the contents of any employee’s mailbox with email, auditing, and oversight capabilities. Your executives can review messages, search for messages based on keywords or content, and retrieve messages—all while maintaining the security of the system.

Keep your organization protected

By monitoring and scanning all communication, your company is protected from information leaks, misuse of company email, and legal liability. Enterprise Messaging Forensics ensures that you can accurately evaluate email activity so you can properly enforce policy and procedure.

Flexible rights management policies

Enable your administrators to specify which accounts a user is allowed to audit. This makes it easy for department heads to review email of direct employees or limiting user access to sensitive accounts. You can also monitor user activities with Enterprise Messaging Reporting and Monitoring.

Email security audit for executives

Provide your legal, human resources, and security executives with instant mail auditing and oversight capabilities. This enables executives to review the contents of employee mailboxes, search for messages by keywords, and retrieve messages. All this is done without the need for IT assistance.

Live confidential email inspection

Maintain oversight of all your communication data. Enterprise Messaging Forensics monitors and scans all mail, which protects you from information leaks, misuse of company messages, and legal liability. Your executives can also view live mailbox activity of individual users and easily monitor company-wide email communication.

Immediate email policy enforcement

Enterprise Messaging Forensics provides instantaneous email security auditing, live system-wide, confidential email inspection, and email exporting capabilities. This ensures that executives can accurately evaluate email activity so they can properly enforce policy and procedures to keep your company assets protected.

Email retrieval for evidentiary review

Easily export emails into a variety of formats for evidentiary review and assessment by your legal team. With integration of Advansys Archive To Go, you can easily create a portable secure archive of Enterprise Messaging Forensics information that can be shared with external groups, such as legal and HR, and requires no software installation on their part.

Maintain system integrity

Whenever emails are being reviewed, it’s critical to maintain a high level of integrity in ensuring only authorized personnel access email content. Enterprise Messaging Forensics ensures that only cleared users have access to your communication data and that the mailbox is not modified in any way.