Build Better Mainframe Applications, Faster

A modern, integrated environment for IBM mainframe application development.


Micro Focus Enterprise Developer is an integrated development environment (IDE) for mainframe application delivery. It supports a range of agile development strategies, including mainframe DevOps.

Using these tools, organizations can easily streamline mainframe application development by leveraging modern Eclipse or Visual Studio technology, enabling fast application change and mainframe integration.

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  • Smart tools to edit, compile, debug, test, and run mainframe applications
  • Advanced debugging and integrated test capability
  • Full control of development activities directly on the mainframe
  • Cross-language application development with .Net and Java
  • A complete mainframe development and test environment on Windows

Increase projects up to 40% faster

Deliver mainframe application development projects up to 40% faster through modern tools integrated with Visual Studio and Eclipse.

Achieve faster time to market

By leveraging workstation power to shorten mainframe development and unit test cycles, new products and features are delivered faster, enabling a better competitive advantage and business ROI.

Improve efficiency

Improve application maintenance and development efficiency with access to a modern IDE, smart editing and debugging, instant code compilation, and testing—on or off the mainframe.

Support your mainframe skills strategy

Instantly address skills gap concerns between mainframe COBOL and distributed Java or C# developers with a unified modern IDE powered by Eclipse or Visual Studio.

Using one development toolset, COBOL and modern language developers can easily and efficiently build and maintain COBOL systems, better collaborate across Mainframe integration projects, and ensure appropriate skill sets are aligned to core business application needs.

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"Enterprise Developer for zEnterprise saves costs and increases productivity."

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"Increasing IT agility and improving collaboration with Micro Focus"

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"Boosting developer productivity and delivering new customer offerings with Micro Focus"

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We chose Micro Focus Enterprise Developer for z Systems because it is the most appropriate and relevant solution to allow us to standardize our mainframe development environment and maximize programmer productivity. Moving to this Eclipse environment also means it is easier to recruit new developers and transition our existing staff thanks to user-friendly tools and a unified mainframe and Java development environment."

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