Understand your application portfolio

Analysis tools that capture, analyze, and measure the value, cost, and risk of diverse application portfolios


Enterprise View™ enables executives to manage their application investments in a better way. The technology gathers metrics about the value, cost, and risk of diverse application portfolios. Then, through customizable dashboards, managers can identify modernization and development priorities to optimize their applications. Enterprise View is a module within the market-leading Enterprise Analyzer platform.

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  • Make better decisions with meaningful metrics accessible through intuitive dashboard and reports
  • Prioritize application maintenance and modernization activities across the business
  • Monitor performance of in-house and outsourced development teams to better manage resourcing and improve quality
  • Deliver results faster with access to granular application detail and search capability enabling immediate insight and knowledge

Centralized, accessible information

Graphical, business-centric dashboards combine data about application code, stakeholder opinions, and additional metrics like cost or failure rates, providing greater insight and application knowledge.

Improved execution time

Dramatically reduce batch cycle times by taking advantage of the processing power of modern processors.

Manage data for greater transparency

Metrics can be filtered by business process, geography, development team, or other contexts. The data provides critical information, such as which development teams are performing and which outsourcers are not meeting SLAs. It also helps managers spot inefficient and failing applications where modernization efforts should be focused.