Mainframe Express Enterprise Edition™ delivers a complete mainframe development environment on Windows. You could increase your developer productivity by over 35%, simply by off-loading your mainframe application development environment onto Windows. To achieve this, Mainframe Express Enterprise Edition gives developers access to far more mainframe environment processing power than usual.

  • Frees resources for innovative projects
  • New programmers can continue to support the mainframe as older mainframe programmers retire
  • Uses modern processors, graphical interfaces, and the Windows operating platform
  • Application development lifecycle support on the desktop
  • Enables you to easily share development resources for efficient team collaboration
  • Comprehensive mainframe subsystem support for replication of mainframe environment on Windows
Powerful integrated development environment

A complete mainframe application maintenance, development and modernization environment that exploits the graphical user interfaces of Windows and the power of modern processors to improve developer productivity.

Powerful integrated development environment
Full application development lifecycle support on the desktop

Support all phases of the mainframe application development life cycle, from initial application design and generation, through analysis, development, compilation, unit testing, and debugging.

Full application development lifecycle support on the desktop
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