What makes Filr different?

Learn how Filr serves you better than other file sharing solutions.

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Works on all your devices

Filr has clients and apps for desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets on a variety of platforms, including Microsoft, Linux, iOS, Android and many more.

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A familiar feel

Filr gives users features like those on social media sites, blogs, and email systems.

  • Users can comment on files in Filr. This allows them to share suggestions and easily exchange ideas for collaborative projects.
  • When a coworker updates or changes a file, Filr can send a notification to others using the document. This eliminates the need for emailing back and forth.
  • Filr also allows users to search through their files, including all the files others have shared with them. They can easily search hundreds of documents for the one they need.

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Filr entitlement

Customers with active maintenance on Open Enterprise Server or Open Workgroup Suite are entitled to Filr. Regain control over organizational data while providing users the mobile access and sharing they want with Filr. Filr is an entitlement benefit to customers with active maintenance on Open Enterprise Server or Open Workgroup Suite. Customers are entitled to use Filr based upon the number of users covered under their maintenance contract.

Visit the Customer Center to view your entitlements and start giving your users the ability to access and share their files from anywhere, from any device, while keeping the control within IT.

If you have questions about your access to Filr, call 800-529-3400.

Integrate quickly

Filr integrates with your organization's existing directory services, either Microsoft Active Directory, Micro Focus NetIQ® eDirectory, or a combination of both. Filr does not require any schema extensions or directory reconfiguring.

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Take back control

Filr enables you and your IT staff to determine which users are allowed to share files, which files they can share, and with whom they can share them.

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Leverage existing file servers

You’ve already set up your access rights, quotas, firewalls, backup and disaster recovery systems. Filr leverages all of that by working with your file servers and Active Directory or NetIQ eDirectory.

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Access on-premises data from anywhere

Make users productive from day one. Filr gives users access to all their files and shared network folders from any device or location. Wherever they are, users can access files and folders as if they’re in the office.

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Standard Edition
Standard Edition
  • Platform Support—This release includes support for the latest versions of iOS, Android, and Mac OS.
  • New Linux desktop client—In this release, this highly requested client supports basic uploads and downloads and the ability to connect to Net Folders. Stay tuned for additional features to be added in future releases, based in customer input.
  • Microsoft Office plugin—Users can open, save, and share Office files directly to and from Filr without using the desktop client.
  • Mobile App enhancements—Among the enhancements is the ability for users to keep a photo in the Filr area and then upload it directly into Filr. There is also native support for the new file management functionality in iOS 11.
Advanced Edition
Advanced Edition
  • All features from Standard Edition
  • Support for Zoning—Admins can now set Filr zones to create multiple virtual sites within a single physical site; each zone is independent and can be accessed using a unique URL.
  • File receive links—This enables users to request a file without requiring the sharer to register into Filr, thus providing a single point upload for a single file.
"Mobility is here, and we need to allow our users more efficient use of technology to be more efficient in the public sector. We are stewards of the taxpayers’ money."
CAROLYN HOGG   /   CIO  City of Fresno