Leverage the Work That You've Already Done

Filr recognizes and enforces your existing file rights.

The directory services and file systems you've already set up on your servers dictate who owns files and who has rights to files. Filr recognizes and enforces those rights. Not only does this make Filr more secure than other file sharing solutions, it also saves time by applying your existing user access and file system rights.

Your existing firewalls and antivirus protection also remain in force to further safeguard your data. And because the files stay on your file servers, they're already secured by your existing backup and disaster recovery systems. This protects your users from mistakes and disasters and protects your organization from further expense.

If your file access systems have to comply with audit requirements or data governance regulations, Filr won't complicate things. There are no separate repositories with Filr, so you won't need to document anything more than your current file system policies.