Above the Clouds: What Makes Filr Different

Learn how Filr serves you better than other file-sharing solutions.

Unlike other mobile file access and collaborative file sharing solutions, Filr has been designed with the enterprise in mind, resulting in less administration, better security, and more productive users.

Some of the key competitive differentiators for Filr include:

  • Does not require server agents or schema extensions, making it unintrusive and easy to deploy.
  • Supports multiple identity stores, including Microsoft Active Directory and NetIQ eDirectory.
  • Integrates with native file systems on Microsoft Windows Servers and Open Enterprise Servers (using CIFS/NCP). Files remain on existing enterprise file servers, eliminating the need to move or duplicate files.
  • Leverages and honors established user access controls and quotas. Whatever group and user access rights govern your organization's home and network folders also govern users' access from their mobile devices.
  • Integrates seamlessly with users' existing folders, including home directories and network shares. This allows users immediate access to their files.
  • Employs users' real credentials for file access. This ensures authorized access and audit trail support.
  • Provides granular control over sharing. In addition to the access control already configured in your identity management system and file systems, Filr lets you determine which files and folders users can share either internally or externally.
  • Allows admins to remotely wipe Filr data from devices that are lost or stolen, or when users leave the organization.